Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules finally posted photos — and fans believe they are definitely together

Victoria Fuller
Victoria Fuller may just have confirmed she’s with Chris Soules. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Victoria Fuller has finally broken her digital silence after fans located her in Iowa with Chris Soules.

Even though she previously posted an update from quarantine, she has yet to confirm that she’s hanging out with Chris.

Soules himself hasn’t confirmed anything either, and fans are wondering what is going on between them.

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And while Chris and Victoria may believe that they can post things online without fans being able to connect them in Iowa, fans are picking up on the smallest of details.

The two posted new photos this week, and two of the pictures essentially busted them.

Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules share similar images

Earlier this week, Victoria and Chris posted photos of some landscape in Iowa. It appears that the two had gone for a drive in Chris’ truck to see the sunset.

Chris and Victoria
Chris and Victoria appear to confirm that they are together in Iowa. Pic credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

Victoria posted a photo of the sunset with herself in the background, as she was part of the reflection in the truck’s side mirror. Chris wasn’t in the photo he shared.

But then a new photo surfaced from Chris, which was similar to Fuller’s photo. He appeared in the side mirror in the reflection.

Immediately, a user named @beccamanso noticed six dots on the side mirrors — and those dots appeared on both Victoria’s photo and Chris’ photo.

In other words, the two are in the same car, Victoria in the passenger seat and Chris in the driver’s seat.

Chris Soules and Victoria Fuller
Chris Soules and Victoria Fuller posted several photos. Pic credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

Given this new information, we’re just waiting for them to post a photo of them together.

Instead, Victoria posted an update earlier this week, where she revealed she was tired of doing puzzles in quarantine.

Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules connected via direct message

When the news first broke of Victoria and Chris being together in Iowa, fans were surprised and shocked. Even Reality Steve couldn’t make sense of the news that they could be hanging out together.

Apparently, Chris slid into her DMs earlier this month, and Victoria decided to visit him. At this point, we still don’t know whether they are pursuing a romantic relationship or are just friends.

One thing is for sure — we still have a lot of questions about these two and whether they are the new Bachelor power couple.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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Rosemary J Bonello
Rosemary J Bonello
3 years ago

I don’t know why Chris and Victoria are being coy. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with them being together. In these times if folks who are not hurting anyone else can find some joy then God bless them. Much happiness.

3 years ago

They both deserve to be happy. And they don’t need to hide it.

3 years ago

Chris and Victoria DO NOT need anyone’s permission to be in a relationship or for that matter just hooking up, if that’s what they are doing….. period!! They are both grow ass adults who can make their own decisions & WHO GIVES A S**T what other people think!!! You two do you!!?