Chris Soules and Victoria Fuller: He reportedly slipped into her DMs just weeks before she went to Iowa

Chris Soules and Victoria Fuller
Chris Soules and Victoria Fuller supposedly connected via DMs. Pic credit: ABC

Chris Soules and Victoria Fuller are spending time together in Iowa, Soules’ home state. The two are currently in quarantine together.

The news broke yesterday when Reality Steve revealed that he could confirm that they were together, hanging out, and spending the week together.

He admitted that these two were not a couple he would put together, but based on her traveling to Iowa, it sounds like they want to see if there is a connection between them.

While Chris and Victoria have not spoken out about their time together, a source is speaking out about them, sharing how they met.

Chris Soules apparently reached out to Victoria Fuller

The source revealed that Chris was the one who took the first step.

Apparently, he used social media to reach out to her. Fans noticed that they started following each other on Instagram on April 2.

“Chris slid into Victoria’s DMs,” a source told US Weekly exclusively this week. “He apparently DMs a lot of people.”

Yesterday, we revealed that Chris and Victoria were spending time together in Iowa. At the time the news broke, we had so many questions, one of which is how they met.

A day after Victoria and Soules reportedly started following one another on Instagram, Victoria posted the following photo.

We still don’t have any confirmation that they are dating or what they are doing in quarantine together.

Chris Soules wanted to give up on love before Victoria Fuller

Before Chris pursued Victoria via DM, he told US Weekly that he was ready to give up on finding love.

While he did get engaged on The Bachelor to Whitney Bischoff, the two broke up just months later. He wasn’t willing to compromise and move away from his farm in Iowa.

So, if Victoria sees a future with Soules, she may have to settle down in Iowa as a farmer’s wife. Back in December 2019, he spoke out about his love life.

“I just think you know when you know, when you find it,” he previously told US Weekly as he felt he was ready to give up on finding the one woman for him. “I’m getting old enough to kind of learn that it’s just about, like, when it’s time, it will occur.”

As for Victoria, she hasn’t said much about her love life since the previous season of The Bachelor.

She previously thanked Peter Weber for being understanding after she was criticized by viewers and her co-contestants on the show for being a homewrecker.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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