Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules are currently together in Iowa — and we have a ton of questions

Chris Soules and Victoria Fuller
Chris Soules and Victoria Fuller are supposedly hanging out this week. Pic credit: ABC

Chris Soules and Victoria Fuller are probably the Bachelor couple that you didn’t expect. But based on a new tweet from Reality Steve, the two are supposedly hanging out.

Of course, we have no idea what this means or why they are hanging out together during the stay-at-home orders that have swept the country.

But this morning, Steve shared a tweet that revealed the two former reality stars are together in Iowa, Chris’ home state.

Chris Soules and Victoria Fuller are reportedly together in Iowa

In his tweet, he admitted that it was a random coupling. He also wrote that he would never have guessed that Chris and Victoria would be spending time together.

He had no idea how long this had been going on or whether they were in a serious relationship.

But Steve did add that he could confirm that Victoria is with Chris right now in Iowa and has been for a week. He then invited his fans to discuss.

It didn’t take long for Bachelor fans to react, including one person who made the joke that Chris isn’t married, so why would Victoria take an interest in him.

While on The Bachelor with Peter Weber, Victoria was slammed for being a home-wrecker.

The home-wrecker accusations came from Peter’s ex-girlfriend, who claimed she knew some of the women who had been hurt by Victoria’s actions.

Fuller was reportedly responsible for ruining four marriages.

As for Chris, he has kept a low profile since his time on The Bachelor. He starred on Season 15, which aired in 2015. He got engaged, but the relationship ended just months later.

Then, in 2017, he was involved in a terrible crash and removed himself from the spotlight.

Just before Christmas, Chris broke his silence about the deadly crash he was involved in. The crash resulted in the death of a 66-year-old farmer, Kenny Mosher.

“There was a period after the accident that I didn’t want to get out of bed. There was no hope left in life for me. I was severely depressed and scared. There was nothing left to live for,” Chris revealed at the time.

Chris Soules and Victoria Fuller are hanging out — and we have so many questions

We have so many questions about how the two of them got together. Firstly, how did they meet?

And why is she staying in Iowa with him? Are they pursuing a relationship outside of The Bachelor franchise, or do they have mutual friends? Are they ever going to confirm they are together? What evidence does Steve have that he’s not sharing?

They both have a history on The Bachelor. They also both had their reputations tainted because of a deadly crash and cheating accusations.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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3 years ago

Just leave them alone, let them live in peace.

3 years ago

Leave them alone, let them live in peace.
Not everything you hear is true.
Just because you think and believe it happened, doesn’t mean, it did or it’s the truth.

Your mind can play tricks on you too, enough to ruin someone else’s life.

3 years ago