Victoria Fuller shares photos from her supposed quarantine with Chris Soules

Victoria Fuller
Victoria Fuller opens up about her life in quarantine. Pic credit: ABC

Victoria Fuller hasn’t said anything herself, but Reality Steve has confirmed that she’s currently in Iowa with none other than Chris Soules.

Chris, who was The Bachelor back in 2015, has stayed out of the spotlight since his time on the show and after his involvement in a fatal car crash in late 2017.

But it sounds like Victoria isn’t judging him based on his previous actions, as she apparently went to Iowa to spend time with him in quarantine.

These days, there’s no better way to get to know someone than to stay inside with them for days as the whole world is shut down.

Victoria Fuller is doing puzzles and taking in the Iowa landscape

Even though Reality Steve confirmed earlier this week that the two of them were together in Iowa, Victoria and Chris have not confirmed anything.

But then, this photo surfaced on Victoria Fuller’s Instagram account. She’s sitting at a living room table doing a puzzle of a black dog.

Victoria Fuller
Victoria Fuller shared a picture of a puzzle. Pic credit: @vlfuller/Instagram

The caption reveals that she doesn’t want to do puzzles anymore. Bachelor Tea Spill, an Instagram account, reveals that Victoria had also shared a photo of a landscape that could very well be Iowa. The account confirmed that she’s definitely in Iowa.

Victoria Fuller
Victoria Fuller reportedly shared a photo from Iowa. Pic credit: @bachelorteaspill/Instagram

Chris hasn’t shared anything about Fuller, but he’s also less active than she is on social media. He stopped his social postings after the fatal accident in 2017, where he temporarily disabled his profiles. He later resurfaced online.

Victoria Fuller hasn’t said anything about Chris yet

While Victoria is starting to open up about her time in quarantine, she hasn’t confirmed that she is indeed in Iowa. And she hasn’t made a single mention of Chris, even though fans would love a selfie with the both of them to set all rumors straight.

As we’ve previously reported, Chris reached out to Victoria by sliding into her DMs. The two started following each other in early April, so they may not have been talking for more than just a few weeks before going into self-isolation together.

It was just three days ago that the news broke that Victoria was staying with Chris during this quarantine period in Iowa. At this time, it’s unknown when they started self-isolating and what kind of relationship they currently have.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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