Vanderpump Rules preview: Fans react to Ken and Lisa dropping massive truth bomb on Tom and Raquel’s affair

Ken and Lisa Vanderpump
Ken and Lisa Vanderpump question Tom and Raquel’s sleepover while Ariana was away. Pic credit: ©

While Episode 12 of Vanderpump Rules may have been hard for some viewers to get through, Episode 13 is gearing up to be even worse.

As Season 10 only has a few more episodes left, the revelation of Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss’ questionable friendship is starting to appear at the forefront of the tight-knit friend group.

Wednesday’s episode had most of the cast questioning the two dancing alone together in a club at 1 a.m., which prompted Tom to say that nothing physical had ever happened between him and Raquel.

Since the filming of these episodes was done in August/September, and Tom admitted to being intimate with the former pageant queen before Scheana’s August wedding, basically everything Tom is saying during this season is a blatant lie.

In next week’s preview, things get even more heated, as head honchos Ken Todd and Lisa Vanderpump start to put the pieces together.

In one clip, Lisa’s husband Ken is seen walking into their kitchen, noting how bizarre it was that Raquel spent the night at Tom’s while his girlfriend of nine years, Ariana Madix, was in Florida attending her grandmother’s funeral.

Ken Todd and Lisa Vanderpump drop a ‘Scandoval’ truth bomb

The clip, narrated by Lala Kent, then rewinds to show Raquel showing up to a food menu tasting at SUR an hour and a half late, which she said was due to getting drunk the night before and oversleeping at Tom’s.

While Raquel notes that “nothing happened” between her and Tom, Lisa can’t help but focus on the fact that she stayed there while Ariana was away.

“If y’all know Lisa Vanderpump, she can sniff bulls**t from a mile away,” Lala jokes.

Lisa then proceeds to call Tom, where he says Raquel and him hung out and she “dipped out.” After Lisa presses Tom again on the question, he can’t seem to get his words together — a clear indicator of a lie in the verbiage of Tom Sandoval.

The rest of the preview shows Tom, Ariana, Tom Schwartz, Scheana, Brock, and Raquel going on a “glamping” trip to celebrate Raquel’s birthday.

There’s no doubt fans will be searching next week’s episode for even more “Scandoval” clues now that the weeks are winding down — bringing them closer to the real-time footage that was obtained when the news of the scandal broke on March 3.

Vanderpump Rules fans love Ken and Lisa’s truth bomb moment

Of course, VPR fans have chimed in to give their opinions on Ken and Lisa’s involvement in the cheating revelation — especially Ken.

“Ken is that quiet friend that doesn’t talk much but when they do it’s hilarious or the juiciest gossip,” one viewer noted, while another believed he “delivered that line so perfectly” and “deserves an Oscar.”

“Even ken was outraged by this betrayal. He’s giving everyone tea,” another VPR fan stated.

Comments on Ken and Lisa's clip
Fans react to Ken and Lisa’s Scandoval suspicions. Pic credit: Bravo/YouTube

Others couldn’t help but acknowledge the fact that Tom didn’t go with Ariana to her grandma’s funeral, yet opted to stay back and party all night…an action that “speaks volumes.”

James Kennedy’s girlfriend has the first question about Tom and Raquel

During last week’s episode, Ally Lewber, James’ new beau after his divorce from Raquel, couldn’t help but question how odd it was that she saw Tom and Raquel dancing together (alone) so late in the night.

After spotting the duo at The Abbey, a West Hollywood club, Ally told James, “I thought it was kind of weird, it was like 1 a.m. and we were like, ‘Where’s Ariana?’”

During her following confessional, she said, “I personally wouldn’t be comfortable with it, I guess, to have my boyfriend out at 1 a.m. with girls, but everyone’s different.”

James rode the situation off, making it seem as if it weren’t any sort of big deal. However, things have now taken quite a turn since it’s been confirmed that Tom and Raquel had been having their secret affair at the time.

Vanderpump Rules airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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