Tom Schwartz breaks silence on Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss affair

Tom Schwartz on the red carpet
Tom Schwartz has finally spoken out about the Tom and Raquel scandal. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

It’s been an entire week in the land of #Scandoval, and Tom Schwartz has finally spoken out about the affair between Raquel Leviss and his co-pilot, Tom Sandoval.

While other main cast members of Vanderpump Rules have addressed the cheating scandal, Tom Schwartz has been particularly quiet since the news of Sandoval cheating on his girlfriend of nine years, Ariana Madix, broke last Friday.

After being approached at LAX airport on Saturday, Schwartz was open to speaking publicly about the situation that has surely rattled the friend group he’s been a part of for so long.

Schwartz, 40, said that Sandoval has been “okay,” explaining that he currently has a “sense of profound sadness, rightfully so.”

“I think he feels like a piece of s**t,” Schwartz clarified. “And to some extent, maybe he is, but he knows he f**ked up. The whole thing is just really sad.”

He said he is mostly worried about Madix, but luckily, she has a “really good support system” of friends and family who have been there for her.

Schwartz is simply hoping the “whole thing blows over” — and for Vanderpump Rules fans, that couldn’t be more of a “Tom Schwartz” response.

Tom Schwartz opens up about Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss’ affair

Although he was asked if he knew about the affair over the past six months, Schwartz refused to answer. “You’ll see it play out on the show,” he promised.

Schwartz also didn’t confirm or deny whether Sandoval had ever told him anything about Leviss, calling the situation “f**king complicated, the understatement of the year.”

Schwartz and Sandoval have been best friends for over a decade, with them being roommates before the show premiered its first season in 2013.

They are both part owners of Lisa Vanderpump’s industrial-themed restaurant, TomTom, and Season 10 viewers are currently watching the two open up their bar/lounge, Schwartz & Sandy’s.

The bar has been getting quite a hit since customers found out that one of its owners was involved in such a scandal, with many leaving nasty comments on its Yelp page — so much so that the business-based app had to disable reviews for the time being.

Schwartz admitted that he was “sad” about its negative impact on the business but believes “cooler heads will prevail.”

Overall, Schwartz said that he is simply “hanging in there” amidst the drama he is undoubtfully roped into, being it involves his best friend, costar, and business partner.

Who has Tom Schwartz talked to since the Vanderpump Rules cheating scandal?

Schwartz clarified that he hasn’t talked to Leviss since finding out about the affair, which he called “really unfortunate.”

Currently, on Season 10, Leviss is forwarding the storyline that she has a crush on Schwartz, who recently got divorced from cast member Katie Maloney. Leviss even asked Schwartz to engage in a make-out session, which viewers will have to wait and see whether or not the two end up doing.

However, Schwartz did de-bunk the theory that Leviss pretended to be interested in him as a possible cover-up of her and Sandoval’s affair.

“Unless I was just a pawn in the game, no, it’s not true,” he said.

Schwartz also said that he hasn’t spoken to cast member Scheana Shay since everything came to light, especially after she was claimed to have pushed Leviss against a wall and punched her in the face after hearing of the affair.

While Shay’s lawyer has denied the claims, Leviss was still granted a restraining order against Shay, forcing her to stay 100 yards away.

With the official hearing coming up on March 29 and the reunion set to film in two weeks, things will only heat up more in the wonderful world of Bravo.

Vanderpump Rules airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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