Tyler Cameron followed Hannah Brown’s brother Patrick on IG as the two admit to just being friends

Tyler Cameron
Tyler Cameron follows Hannah’s brother on IG. Pic credit: ABC

Tyler Cameron is staying in his Jupiter, Florida home with his brother and some friends, as they are riding out the stay-at-home orders in Florida.

Before the order was put in place, Hannah Brown was staying with him for a few weeks but decided to go back home when the stay-at-home orders were put in place.

She preferred to stay at home with her family in Alabama, as no one realized how long the order would be in place.

But it’s clear that Tyler and Hannah reconnected in quarantine and they could be growing closer, even though they are not physically together.

That’s because Tyler appears to be getting closer to Hannah’s family. Not only did he Instagram with Hannah’s father the other day, but now, he’s also following her brother.

Tyler Cameron follows Hannah’s brother on IG

The news of the following was first shared by an Instagram account called @bachelorteaspill on Instagram.

Tyler brother
Tyler just started following Hannah B’s brother on IG. Pic credit: @bachelorteaspill/Instagram

To confirm the following, we found Patrick’s follower list and sure enough, Tyler is following Patrick Brown.

Patrick Brown IG
Patrick Brown has a new follower. Pic credit: @patrickbrown81/Instagram

Since being in quarantine with her family, Hannah and Patrick have done a few videos together. They baked up a storm one night and were joking about starting their own cooking show.

As we’ve previously reported, Hannah B’s brother overdosed a day after Tyler’s mother suddenly died. Patrick shared the news on his personal Instagram, revealing he was hesitant about sharing the update. He had been on a ventilator as a result of the overdose.

He overdosed one day after Tyler’s mother died from a brain aneurysm, so Tyler and Hannah were supporting one another during this time.

Tyler Cameron and Hannah B are not together but fans are not giving up

After Hannah left Florida behind, she confirmed that she’s single. Even though fans had hoped that they would be dating and just keeping it private, Hannah revealed that she’s single despite thinking she would be married with kids by now.

But fans aren’t giving up on Hannah and Tyler’s possible future together. And fans are chipping in a few bucks to help out. Tyler is receiving money on his Venmo account so he can buy Hannah a nice engagement ring. Tyler hasn’t commented on the nice gesture, but it’s questionable whether this will actually happen.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.

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Mary Julsing
Mary Julsing
4 years ago

I really hope the get together. They would make a wonderful couple. He’s would provide for her. I really wanted Hannah to pick him