Tyler Cameron is receiving money from fans to buy Hannah Brown an engagement ring

Tyler Cameron
Tyler Cameron is getting payments from fans for an engagement ring. Pic credit: ©

Tyler Cameron is currently a single man, but some Bachelorette fans believe he should settle down.

And they have someone special in mind. Given that he just spent quarantine with Hannah Brown, fans believe the two of them should get engaged.

To remind viewers, Hannah chose to send Tyler home just seconds before he was about to propose, choosing Jed Wyatt over Tyler.

That relationship didn’t work out, and while Hannah asked Tyler for a second chance on After The Final Rose, the two never went public with their relationship.

But fans are now giving Tyler an aggressive push to make things official with Hannah.

Tyler Cameron is getting financial help for a ring

On his Venmo account, Bachelorette fans are sending Tyler money so he can buy a very nice engagement ring from Hannah. On the show, he was given a ring by Neil Lane, but since he didn’t propose, he had to give it back.

Refinery29 is reporting that fans are dishing out their own money to help out Cameron.

“A little something to add to the ring fund, get her something sparkly,” one contributor wrote, while others wrote, “You know what it’s for” and “My generous contribution to Hannah browns engagement ring, I hope it’s not too much get her something nice.”

Others were straightforward about what the gift was for, pointing out that engagement rings are expensive, and fans were more than happy to dig deep in their own pockets to help him out.

“Hannah’s engagement ring. Get her something special king,” another financial contributor wrote, with others sharing, “I know engagement rings can be expensive. Get Hannah something nice,” and “I know engagement rings are expensive so I thought I’d help you out for miss Hannah Brown.”

Tyler Cameron is not dating Hannah B at the moment

For weeks, fans have hoped that the two would confirm a relationship.

And they have sent all kinds of signs that they were flirty and possibly giving their relationship a shot.

Along with a slew of Tik Tok videos with Tyler joking about getting into Hannah’s pants and them playing a flirty game of spin-the-bottle, Tyler was also caught getting possessive when a fan told him that Hannah could do better than him.

Of course, Hannah has already confirmed she’s single. An engagement ring might be an aggressive move.

Even though the two have said they are just friends, fans are not giving up on a Tyler-Hannah post-Bachelorette romance.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.

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