Tyler Cameron caught getting possessive of Hannah Brown on Instagram Live

Tyler Cameron on The Bachelorette
Tyler Cameron is getting a bit territorial with Hannah Brown. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette fans are more than ready for Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown to just make their relationship Instagram official.

So far, they haven’t done that, but Tyler recently dropped a clue as to how he feels about Hannah.

So far, Tyler and Hannah have been extremely flirty while spending their coronavirus quarantine together at his place in Florida. Despite all that flirting, neither of them has come right out and said they are together.

It’s pretty clear that Bachelor Nation has been shipping these two pretty hard, and it would be hard to believe, at this point, that there is nothing going on.

So when Tyler, Hannah, and the rest of the “Quarantine Crew” went live recently, we got a little insight as to whether they are headed for romance or if they are just friends.

Tyler’s brother caught touching Hannah’s thigh

In the latest live that has been rocking Bachelorette fans, Hannah and Tyler can be seen alongside Tyler’s brother Ryan and his best friend, Matt James.

In the video, Ryan can be seen getting extra friendly with Hannah, and based on the way Tyler looks, it’s pretty clear that he doesn’t like it.

Then, when the flirtation becomes too much, Tyler puts an end to it all, telling Ryan that he was “grabbing on her thigh pretty hard.”

Ryan quickly lets go of Hannah’s thigh, and the whole moment just seems a little awkward. Thankfully someone caught the live, so that Bachelor Nation can replay and try to make some sense of it all.

Are Tyler and Hannah together?

It’s pretty clear Tyler Cameron is feeling a bit possessive of Hannah Brown in the video above.

But does that mean that the two are an item? Or are The Bachelorette stars just really friendly and are hamming it up in an effort to keep their 15 minutes of fame going?

So far, there have been reports that Tyler and Hannah are just friends. However, that was announced before Tyler “got in Hannah’s pants” and also before their flirty game of spin the bottle.

These two have had undeniable chemistry since her stint on The Bachelorette and it’s pretty safe to say that a lot of the fanbase wants to see them get together.

The Bachelorette production is currently suspended and is expected to resume later this year. 

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