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Tyler Cameron and Hannah B spotted together in his hometown: Here’s how Chris Harrison reacted

Hannah B and Tyler Cameron
Hannah B and Tyler Cameron could be giving their relationship a second chance. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah B and Tyler Cameron was the love story that almost happened on The Bachelorette.

She dumped him right before he was about to propose, but on After The Final Rose, she admitted that she wanted a second chance.

The two spent the night together and went out for drinks, but then Tyler dated supermodel Gigi Hadid.

Since then, fans have hoped the two of them would get together.

And that wish may just be coming true.

Tyler Cameron picks up Hannah B at the airport in Florida

Over the weekend, pictures and videos started to surface of Tyler picking up Hannah at the local airport.

She was traveling to Jupiter, Florida, to visit him.

The two of them didn’t hide out in a hotel room. Instead, they were spotted at the local mall, where they posed for photos with fans.

Hannah B was supposed to go on tour with Dancing With The Stars but announced recently that the tour would be postponed during the coronavirus crisis.

Instead of going on tour, she went to Florida to see Tyler.

Hannah B has yet to share any photos of them together on her Instagram feed.

Hannah B did reach out to Tyler Cameron after his mom passed away

The reason why she’s in Jupiter, Florida, could be because of Tyler’s recent personal news. He lost his mother this month due to a sudden brain aneurysm.

When Tyler posted about his mother passing away, Hannah B did share a simple heart emoji when she reached out to him.

The two have since talked privately and arranged this trip to Florida.

Since losing his mother, Tyler has created a Go Fund Me campaign to ensure her legacy lives on. The money raised will help charities that she was fond of.

When Chris Harrison heard the news that Hannah was visiting Tyler, he wasn’t surprised. He claims that they are good friends and that Hannah could be there as he grieves his mother.

“Yeah, it wouldn’t shock me. I think they’d be great together,” he shared with Entertainment Tonight. “But they’re probably just friends.”

But fans are hoping that the two of them will reconcile and start a romantic relationship.

While they could be trying to keep a low profile, it’s clear that fans know they are together, and they are loving the idea of them rising from the ashes of their failed relationship last year.

The Bachelorette is set to return this spring.