Tyler Cameron plays coy when asked about dating Hannah Brown

Tyler Cameron on Hannah Brown on The Bachelorette
Tyler and Hannah have been spending their quarantine together and fans can only wonder if they are an item now. Pic credit: ABC

It’s no secret that Hannah Brown has been spending her coronavirus quarantine in Florida with Tyler Cameron. But are they a couple now?

That’s what The Bachelorette fans want to know.

So naturally, when the “Quarantine Crew” went live on Instagram, a fan asked Tyler Cameron if he and Hannah Brown have become an item.

What we definitively learned was… not much. The Bachelorette fans are still left to their own assumptions as to whether this is a publicity stunt or if Hannah and Tyler are official.

However, Tyler’s response was pretty interesting.

Tyler and Hannah field relationship questions

It was during a live group workout session that a fan asked Tyler if he and Hannah were dating. The Bachelorette hunk responded, “Me and Brown Bear are dating, yes, I confirm.”

The thing is, Hannah’s last name is Brown, but her nickname isn’t Brown Bear. Tyler’s friend, Jacob Latham, goes by that nickname, and he was also there for the workout video.

It’s too bad Tyler didn’t just give fans a straight answer because everyone wants to know what is going on. Then again, his answer only adds fuel to the speculation.

That has been great for these two in terms of exposure.

The Bachelorette stars add fuel to the dating rumors

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron have been flirting it up literally since the coronavirus quarantine started. The two have been sharing their backyard workouts for nearly two weeks now, and it’s really clear that the pair still have a lot of chemistry.

Despite that, there are reports that Hannah and Tyler are just friends, but it’s worth mentioning that those are also a couple of weeks old and popped up just days after the quarantine started.

Just one day after that came out, Tyler was teasing that he “got into Hannah’s pants” during a Tik Tok challenge that had The Bachelorette fans laughing.

And if that wasn’t enough sexual innuendo, Hannah also made a joke about Tyler’s “package size.”

One thing some may have forgotten is how Hannah ended up by Tyler’s side during the quarantine. She actually went to be by Tyler’s side for a memorial service for his mom, who died from a brain aneurysm on February 29.

She ended up flying home after the service, only to turn right back around and go to Florida, where she has been spending her time quarantined with Tyler Cameron and his roommate Matt James.

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