Hannah B’s brother overdosed the day after Tyler Cameron’s mom passed away

Hannah and her brother
Hannah’s brother overdosed on March 1. Pic credit: ©hannahbrown/Instagram

Hannah B has spent time in Florida with her ex-boyfriend Tyler Cameron.

The two grew close on The Bachelorette, but Hannah dumped him right before he was to propose to her.

Since then, the two haven’t spent much time together, as Hannah started her role on Dancing With The Stars.

Tyler decided to date a few women but ended up single late last year.

Now, they are spending time together and it appears they are bonding over some serious life issues.

Hannah B’s brother reveals he overdosed

While Tyler’s mom’s death has been in the media, Hannah has been dealing with her own emotional struggles.

Her brother Patrick Brown decided to reveal that he had overdosed on March 1, one day after Tyler’s mom passed.

He opened up about it on his personal Instagram account, revealing that he overdosed and had to spend two days on a ventilator.

He revealed he was grateful for being here today.

“As some people know On March 1st I overdosed, I ended up spending 2 days on a ventilator and I am so grateful to be here to share this with everyone. I am not posting this for pity or what not but to thank everyone who has checked up on me,” he wrote on Instagram.

“Things like this don’t happen suddenly, it happens in the dark and slowly. Sometimes all it takes is a simple text or phone call to show someone you care.”

Just five days later, Hannah B posted a photo of them together, revealing Patrick was her favorite brother. She also revealed that she loved him.

At the time, it seemed like a sweet and innocent post, but now, it’s clear that she was sharing a message for him as he came off the ventilator after his overdose.

Hannah B’s brother could be why she’s in Florida

Hannah B traveled to Florida recently, and Tyler Cameron was spotted picking her up at the airport.

When Chris Harrison learned of the news, he shared that it doesn’t surprise him. He explained that Tyler and Hannah are great friends, and they are leaning on each other.

Chris also pointed out that it doesn’t surprise him that Hannah flew down to be with Tyler after losing his mother.

The two have been caught playing beach volleyball together with some friends. Now, they are staying at Tyler’s house in self-isolation.

She hasn’t shared when she’s planning on returning to Alabama.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.

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