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Tyler Cameron and Hannah B spotted playing beach volleyball in Florida

Tyler Cameron and Hannah B
Tyler Cameron and Hannah B were spotted hanging out this week. Pic credit: ABC

Tyler Cameron and Hannah B are currently together! Not in a confirmed relationship way, but physically — after she travelled to his hometown of Jupiter, Florida to be with him this week.

Tyler was spotted at the airport picking her up. But interestingly, Hannah didn’t share with her fans that she was going to see him.

Needless to say, this sparked rumors and hopes that they would be getting back together and giving their romance a shot.

The two have been seen hanging out in their bathing suits on the beach, playing beach volleyball with what appears to be Tyler’s friends.

Tyler Cameron and Hannah B spotted on the volleyball courts

In a time where people are being asked to stay indoors and practise social distancing, Tyler and Hannah don’t appear to be doing any such thing.

The two were spotted on the beach with friends, passing around a ball while laughing and having fun.

In the photos, Hannah is wearing a white bikini and Tyler is sporting pink swim trunks with green palm trees on them. In some of the photos shared online, Hannah appears to be covering her face and head with a white cap.

She could be hiding from the sun, but she could also be trying to hide from other people — including the very photographers who took photos of them together.

The two of them hanging out together has people wondering whether they are contemplating a romance once again. It has been almost a year since they first met.

Tyler Cameron and Hannah B may still try to work things out

Tyler and Hannah could just be hanging out because they are great friends. That’s what Chris Harrison believes, as he claims they are buddies who are relying on one another during hard times.

Hannah B reached out to Tyler after learning that his mom had passed away. She shared a heart emoji on his Instagram post when he revealed his mother — who passed away suddenly a few weeks ago from a brain aneurysm — had died.

Many others reached out to him, sharing their condolences. Even though Hannah only posted a heart on his post, it’s clear that the two continued to talk to one another.

What we don’t know right now is whether Tyler invited Hannah to Florida or if she offered to come down to be with him, and whether there’s more to their relationship than just being friends. Stay tuned!

The Bachelorette is currently delayed in production but will return later this spring.