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Tyler Cameron and Hannah B are not hiding their connection in quarantine

Hannah And Tyler
Hannah B and Tyler Cameron aren’t hiding their connection. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah B and Tyler Cameron is the “it” couple that everyone is watching these days.

The two almost got engaged on The Bachelorette, but Hannah made the mistake of choosing Jed Wyatt.

After their engagement, she learned that he had kept another romance alive at home, and had someone waiting for him when he returned.

During The Bachelor: After The Final Rose, Hannah asked Tyler if he wanted to go get drinks.

The two did go out for drinks, and he slept over at her house, but then the two separated for months. She pursued Dancing With The Stars, and he was spotted dating several women.

But now, they have come together again.

Hannah B and Tyler Cameron are cozying up at his house

The two were spotted at a Florida airport, as Tyler picked her up on Sunday. Hannah has been staying at his house.

And the two aren’t hiding their connection either. Witnesses have seen them sitting together outside of Tyler’s house.

“We were driving past, and Tyler literally sat right outside of his house, not even in the backyard. Hannah had her legs up on him, they were sitting kind of intimately. They looked pretty cozy, and seemed relaxed enough to flaunt it to everyone who could see,” a witness told Page Six.

The two were also spotted playing beach volleyball with his friends earlier this week.

Hannah B’s brother overdosed the day after Tyler’s mom died

It’s been assumed that Hannah B is in town to support Tyler after he lost his mother almost three weeks ago.

At the time, Hannah B reached out to Tyler on Instagram after he announced that his mother had passed away. She passed away on February 29 from a brain aneurysm.

But now we are learning that Hannah’s own brother Patrick overdosed the day after Tyler’s mom passed away.

View this post on Instagram

I have been very hesitant to post this because of my pride and ego but God has been weighing on my heart lately to share • As some people know On March 1st I overdosed, I ended up spending 2 days on a ventilator and I am so grateful to be here to share this with everyone. I am not posting this for pity or what not but to thank everyone who has checked up on me. Y’all are the reason I fully intend to take my story and share it to hopefully save someone else’s loved ones from going through waiting by the bedside hoping they wake up. • • Rather then being mad at myself for this I am thankful this happened. I have grown so much closer to God, healing my heart, and finding out who has my best interest at heart. This is my second chance and I intend to make the best out of it and can’t wait to share where my testimony goes from here! Tomorrow isn’t promised, so live it for the king, hold your loved ones a little harder everyday and check in on them. Things like this don’t happen suddenly, it happens in the dark and slowly. Sometimes all it takes is a simple text or phone call to show someone you care.

A post shared by Patrick Brown (@patrickbrown81) on

In an Instagram post, Patrick Brown revealed that he had overdosed and was placed on a ventilator for two days. He admits that he wasn’t sure if he should share what he had been going through on social media.

Hannah hasn’t mentioned it, but it makes sense that she’s traveling to see Tyler, as she could also need emotional support at this time.

Tyler and Hannah continue to stay at his Florida home. However, neither of them has acknowledged one another directly on social media.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.

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