Tristan Thompson told Khloe Kardashian that she would ‘never leave’ him before Maralee Nichols drama

Khloe Kardashian reacts to Tristan Thompson on The Kardashians
Tristan Thompson said that Khloe would “never leave” him on The Kardashians, and even Khloe looked surprised to hear it. Pic credit: Hulu

In a cringe-worthy scene on this week’s episode of The Kardashians, viewers watched Khloe Kardashian talk to Tristan Thompson regarding all the sisters and their exes still being involved in the family.

Tristan’s next comment was a bit surprising to fans when he said, “More like, you’re never leaving me,” when Khloe said he wasn’t leaving the family like Kanye and Scott weren’t leaving the family. Even Khloe’s face looked a bit surprised by his comment, but at the time, Tristan’s biggest scandal yet hadn’t come to light.

Khloe has opened up in the past regarding how poorly her reconciliation with Tristan was aged on the show, but it was part of her life and it happened, no matter how hard it is for her to talk about it now.

Tristan Thompson told Khloe Kardashian she would ‘never leave’ him

Unfortunately for Tristan, their relationship did end despite his confidence that she would never leave. Apparently, lying about an affair that resulted in a child is a relationship-ending action.

Khloe was talking to Tristan while they were working out at Kim’s gym since Khloe’s house was still under construction. During the scene, Khloe said, “We have a very loyal strong bond in our family. We are great co-parents, and we are great at blending families. We have learned that from my mom and my dad. Like Scott is never leaving and Kanye is never leaving. Looks like you are never leaving. We are all here forever.”

Tristan’s quick response about her never leaving him quickly circulated online when the preview clip aired at the end of Episode 5. One user even wrote, “The fact that he could fix his lips to say that. The fact Khloe created a space where he feels like he can say that…..hell on earth.”

His comments were not taken innocently, especially now that the details of his affair have come to light.

Moments before the cringe-worthy scene, fans watched Tristan and Khloe spend a few moments of quality time with Kim, Kanye, and their kids. It seems clear at the time that no one knew all of the details of Tristan’s affair with Maralee Nichols.

Tristan denied Maralee Nichols affair until paternity test was undeniable

Tristan was adamant that he had not had an affair and that Maralee Nichols’ son was not his. That was until the paternity test declared that he was the father, then the scandal was undeniable.

Maralee has previously claimed that Tristan has not helped with her son or done anything he promised he would. As for Tristan, he seems tight-lipped about his son with Maralee.

Tristan did issue an apology to Khloe, but fortunately, the Kardashian hasn’t taken him back.

The Kardashians airs every Thursday on Hulu.

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