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Trina gives her pick on who will win it all on Love Island USA

The Love Island USA Season 3 women
The Love Island USA Season 3 women. Pic credit: CBS

After leaving the villa on Love Island USA, Trina Njoroge spoke out about her time on the island.

At the end of an interview with ET, she was asked who she thought had a chance of winning it all.

As a reminder, the fans voted for their favorite couple of those remaining, and Trina has two couples that she thinks could win, but only one that she thinks deserves the final prize.

Trina’s pick to win Love Island USA

Trina started her answer with a somewhat surprising comment, but then she expanded on the answer by explaining what is wrong with the couple favored to win it all.

“I love Will and Kyra to death,” Trina said before continuing on to why she doesn’t think they deserve to win. “I think just seeing things firsthand and witnessing everything, they have a lot of stuff to work on.”

This makes sense as Trina was part of a team with Olivia Kaiser who was trying to convince Kyra Lizama that Will Moncada might not have the same intentions in their relationship that she does.

A lot of fans found it fishy that Olivia and Trina tried to break up Kyra and Will this close to the declaration of the winner. Other fans remembered that Olivia tried to move in on Will just a few weeks ago.

However, Trina is now gone and the biggest competition for Will and Kyra is Olivia and Korey Gandy, mostly due to Korey being an overwhelming fan favorite.

That is who Trina picks, but for different reasons.

“I think Korey and Olivia have it in the bag because they really took their time in deciding that they are meant for each other. They started out as strangers and then acquaintances, built to a friendship,” Trina explained.

“I see them falling in love and I can see that they’re so comfortable around each other. There’s no awkwardness. There’s no ‘he said, she said’ drama. It’s just them two. I feel like they are a power couple and they have an empire to build in the future,” she continued.

“I really think they will end up being the winners of this show,” she declared.

The winners will be revealed on Sunday night.

Trina isn’t alone in her Love Island USA picks

Cashay Proudfoot also picked Korey and Olivia to win it all.

While Cash felt that Josh and Shannon would have easily won, she is now cheering on Korey to win with his new girl, Olivia.

Josh and Shannon also agreed with the pick.

“We definitely are voting for Korey and Olivia. They are so real. They’re very straight up. They do not hold back,” Shannon said.

“Everybody in there deserves it and they are there for the right reasons,” Josh said. “But if I had to pick somebody in this situation, we are rooting for Liv and Korey to hopefully take it home.”

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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