Tori Deal of The Challenge responds to Jemmye Carroll video about breakup: ‘There was absolutely no cheating’

tori deal in the challenge season 37 episode 17
Tori Deal quickly responded to the claims made by her castmate Jemmye Carroll in a Patreon video. Pic credit: MTV

Following resurfacing cheating rumors, The Challenge star Tori Deal quickly responded to a recent video in which former castmate Jemmye Carroll shared private details about Tori’s breakup with Jordan Wiseley.

Tori responded with her own video, stating her side of things and explicitly mentioning, “There was absolutely no cheating involved” with her and castmate Fessy Shafaat.

Additionally, Tori fired back at Jemmye, calling her the “opportunist” in the situation when it comes to trying to profit from these details.

Tori addresses ‘cheating’ claim, calls out ‘hypocritical’ castmate for video

It’s rare to see Tori Deal opening up about private details involving her personal life and relationships on social media. However, she made sure to address what Jemmye Caroll said regarding Tori’s split from Jordan Wiseley last year.

On Tuesday, Tori went on Instagram Live, not long after Jemmye’s Patreon video was live and circulating on various social media accounts.

In her IG Live session, Tori said she and Jordan hadn’t felt the need to publicly share all the details of their relationship or breakup because it was between them. After Jemmye’s video came out, Tori felt the need to set the record straight on what was being said about her and the breakup situation.

The video clips below from @thechallengeshaderoom include Tori saying she and Jordan were “very much broken up” when she went on that Turks and Caicos trip with Fessy. She mentioned remembering it was October 6 when she and Jordan broke up privately. She also recalls a conversation she and Jordan had in the kitchen, confirming they were broken up and “seeing other people.”

According to Tori, they didn’t publicly mention the breakup until November 27. Tori mentions that they waited until then to go public due to their contract with a company to promote and sell certain products. She said they agreed to keep things quiet about their relationship ending until that contract was officially up. That’s why their public reveal came almost two months later.

Tori also refuted the claim Jemmye made that Tori told Jordan to give her $5,000 so she could move out of their place in Los Angeles. Tori indicated it was, in fact, $3,000 that Jordan gave her, and it was payment for some of her furniture he was going to keep at the apartment after she left.

“I never cheated on Jordan, and I handled the breakup very poorly, and it’s what cost us our friendship. I think that Jordan and I could’ve had a great friendship going forward,” Tori said, sharing that the ways she tried to deal with their breakup, including her “rebound” attempt, were part of the issue.

“There’s so many other things that I can address in this video that Jemmye put on Patreon. I just find it interesting that her main point is I’m an opportunist when she is somebody who literally is using a relationship that was very difficult to recover from — both me and Jordan suffered from it — and decided to sell it on her Patreon,” Tori said.

“It’s the most hypocritical thing I’ve ever seen,” she added.

Check out the full video below to hear more of what Tori had to say regarding Jemmye’s recent video claims, which Jemmye said came from her speaking with Jordan.

Tori featured in Spies, Lies & Allies showmance

As mentioned, Jordan and Tori’s split arrived late last year, and since then, they had both seemed to move on. That included Tori returning for The Challenge Season 37 earlier this year and showing interest in several Spies, Lies & Allies rookie castmates.

They included newcomer Kelz Dyke, one of Tori’s teammates early in the season, followed by Ed Eason, who later became Tori’s teammate. However, Ed had a girlfriend back home, and there are no reports of any secret hookups on his part during Season 37 so that never went anywhere besides working together.

Recent episodes have featured Tori’s showmance with rookie castmate Emanuel Neagu. The Survivor Romania star also recently appeared on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast, co-hosted by Tori and her friend, Aneesa Ferreira.

Tori and Emanuel didn’t mention during the podcast that they’re in a long-distance relationship or anything. The Spies, Lies & Allies castmates were part of a trip after the season finished filming, including other cast members.

Most likely, fans might find out the details on Tori’s current situation with Emanuel when the Spies, Lies & Allies reunion episodes arrive on MTV. However, MTV filmed those episodes several weeks ago.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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