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Todd Chrisley reveals he is battling COVID-19, speaks out about ordeal

Todd Chrisley in a Chrisley Knows Best confessional.
Todd Chrisley contracted COVID-19. Pic credit: USA Network

Todd Chrisley revealed he had been battling COVID-19 for the past three weeks. The news came on his podcast, Chrisley Confessions.

The entire Chrisley family has been quiet on social media. However, no one would have guessed the Chrisley Knows Best star was sick with the virus that has impacted the entire country.

Battling COVID-19

On the podcast, Todd Chrisley talked about the past three weeks for him and his family. Initially, he began showing symptoms but remained at home for a few days.

After things didn’t improve, Chrisley went to urgent care to receive the test.

Around a week later, it was revealed Todd Chrisley tested positive. He remained quarantined while his family worried.

Then, the scariest part happened. Chrisley’s symptoms worsened, and he went to the emergency room at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Tennessee.

After four days in the hospital, Todd Chrisley was able to finally return home. He is with his family and is on the road to recovery.

It has been a wild few weeks for the entire Chrisley family, including Savannah Chrisley, who shared her version of events on social media yesterday.

Fortunately, Todd Chrisley appears to be on the mend and will soon resume some normalcy in his life. He and Julie Chrisley recorded their podcast episode, which was released yesterday, and they are working on what is coming up for the family.

Going through this was eye-opening for the Chrisley family.

They have been urging everyone to take the warnings about social distancing seriously. Seeing Todd Chrisley as sick as he was, rocked both Julie Chrisley and Savannah Chrisley to their core.

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COVID-19: Dad was diagnosed with the coronavirus about 2.5 weeks ago..and I have never been so scared in my life. When everything started with COVID-19 I was like a lot of u…my mindset was “Wash your hands, don’t touch people, and you’ll be ok…” BUT BOY HAS THAT IRRESPONSIBLE MINDSET CHANGED! When dad started getting sick I immediately started worrying…he and I are the worriers of the bunch. After a couple days mom and I talked him into going to urgent care…he went in and he was showing all symptoms of COVID-19 so they tested him. Here in TN Vanderbilt was extremely prepared for testing and has testing at 15 or so of their walk in clinics. So before people say…”OH HE ONLY GOT TESTED BECAUSE HES A CELEBRITY…” u are WRONG! He went into an urgent care just like the rest of u would. After getting tested he went back home and stayed quarantined in his bedroom for 7 days and then his test came back..POSITIVE..when mom and I read that our hearts dropped. Dads symptoms were worsening as days went on..finally at 3am on a Sunday he woke mom up saying he has to go to the ER..he couldn’t fight it any longer. When she got there they made her drop him off and leave because of all the strict guidelines. He stayed at Vanderbilt for 3 days and those were the hardest 3 days I think I’ve ever endured. I talk to my daddy 10x a day! He’s my bestfriend…I also never go to bed a single night without a “Goodnight and I love you” text..and now my dad was sitting in a hospital room by himself and I had no idea how he was. At one point I fell on my hands and knees and begged God to not take not take my bestfriend..I would give everything I had if it meant keeping my daddy. I was so desperate that I dropped photos of our family off at the hospital and said “If he sees these I know he’ll keep fighting!” So I guess the point of me telling u all this is so that u take it seriously…STAY HOME! SOCIAL DISTANCE! And most importantly..LOVE HARDER THAN EVER! Life is so short. I also owe a HUGE THANK U to my friends @charlesgalanismd @drjacobunger for walking me through all the steps we needed to follow and continuously checking in on us. As well as the drs and nurses @ Vandy❤

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When will Chrisley Knows Best return?

It has been a few months since Chrisley Knows Best has been on the air, but it will be returning in the coming weeks. The news arrived on the show’s official Instagram account, but it didn’t provide a definitive date.

Between the show and everything else Todd Chrisley has going on, he was forced to slow down and take some time to heal himself while dealing with COVID-19.

Thankfully, he is on the mend and will be able to resume everything he was doing soon.

As the family returns to their life before COVID-19, they are grateful that Todd Chrisley was able to fight the battle against it and win.

Chrisley Knows Best is currently on hiatus but it is expected to return to the USA Network in the coming weeks.

Tiffany Bailey

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