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Tiffany Moon claps back after RHOD fan claims she’s not saving lives as an anesthesiologist

Tiffany Moon shuts down a hater who slammed her career.
Tiffany Moon shuts down a hater who slammed her career. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Dallas star Tiffany Moon has shut down a hater who claimed she doesn’t save lives as an anesthesiologist.

Tiffany takes her career very seriously, so naturally, she wasn’t going to let anyone put down her line of work.

“Ok sooo we get it @TiffanyMoonMD you’re a doctor and you’re smart and everything but can we stop pretending you’re ‘saving lives’ everyday? you’re an anesthesiologist,” the hater wrote in a since-deleted tweet. “You literally put people in comas.”

Tiffany quickly defended the importance of her career in a reply tweet.

“Some days I save lives. Others days I maintain homeostasis while patients have surgery, many who have cancer or trauma,” Tiffany explained. “I take great pride in being an anesthesiologist, educator, and researcher.”

“If you ever need one, I hope they don’t just ‘put you in a coma,'” she quipped in conclusion.

Tiffany then took a screengrab of the exchange and called her doctor friends to action.

“This is something we will not do. I will NOT be diminished for loving and doing my job
@2021aintbetter #MedTwitter has entered the chat,” Tiffany tweeted and tagged her friends in the medical industry.

Tiffany has been conflicted about her work-life balance

Tiffany admitted on the show that she struggles with getting too immersed in work. This causes her to neglect her family or her social life.

Unfortunately as a woman, this is a societal pressure that is often forced upon her that she has to navigate.

When she was at Kary Brittingham’s 50th birthday party, she said she envied Kary’s carefree nature and looked to her for guidance on how to open up.

Unfortunately for Tiffany, that lead to being pushed in the pool fully-clothed.

During the most recent episode, Tiffany wanted to give her kids a look into her work life and let them be a part of a certification test she had to take at home.

When she sat down with them and tried to explain why her job was important, her kids still insisted that they wish she spent more time at home with them.

Tiffany’s drama with the other RHOD women

This twitter hater isn’t the only one Tiffany has had it out with recently.

Even though only four episodes of the season have aired, the RHOD cast have already formed strong opinions of the newcomer.

While D’Andra loves her and claims the other women are just jealous, some of them say it’s more than jealousy.

Kameron Westcott had it out for Tiffany ever since Tiffany forced her to eat a chicken foot and implied she was insulting her culture. She also claims Tiffany is a know-it-all.

As for Kary, she feels that Tiffany also talks down to her and even called her “two-faced” in the Season 5 trailer.

Tiffany also had a serious talk with Brandi Redmond about the racist video that she had uploaded in which she pretended to be Asian.

Fans will have to wait and see where Tiffany’s relationship with them goes.

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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