Kameron Westcott says Tiffany Moon ‘talks down’ to her and is a ‘know-it-all sometimes’

RHOD star Kameron Westcott talks tension between her and Tiffany Moon
Kameron Westcott talks about her relationship with Tiffany Moon. Pic credit: Bravo

Tiffany Moon is the newest addition to the Real Housewives of Dallas cast, and the sassy MD is already shaking things up.

Dr. Moon has already made it known that she can hold her own against the Dallas women, but it’s clear she’s gonna ruffle some feathers with her outspoken personality.

We’re only a few episodes into Season 5, but the newbie has already engaged in a social media war of words with castmate Kari Brittingham.

And, now it seems there might be some drama brewing between Tiffany and Kameron Westcott.

The latest episode of RHOD exposed tensions between Kameron and Tiffany after a meal hosted by the newbie.

The queen of pink didn’t take too well to Tiffany’s bossy behavior during her dim sum brunch.

While serving an assortment of dishes, Kameron and some of her other castmates refused to try the chicken feet.

But, Moon wouldn’t let up and tried to cajole the women into trying the feet and Kameron didn’t take too kindly to that.

Now, the seasoned cast member is dishing more about her relationship with Moon.

Kameron talks initial impression of Tiffany Moon

The Real Housewives of Dallas star recently sat down for a chat on the #NoFilter with Zach Peter podcast, and she dished about the current season of the show.

When talks turned to Tiffany Moon, Kameron relayed her first impression of meeting the new Housewife.

When I first met her I, you know, thought she was like a baby genius,” admitted Kameron. “I was like oh this girl is super-intelligent, she’s quick…funny. I was all in. I automatically thought ‘we’re gonna be besties.'”

She continued, “I love strong women as well. I naturally gravitate to that and I just found myself, you know, attracted to it.”

But, it seems things didn’t quite go the way the blonde beauty assumed it would.

Is Tiffany Moon a ‘know-it-all?’

The Real Housewives of Dallas star continued to dish about the relationship with her new castmate.

And the 38-year-old teased that there will be tension between herself and Moon in the episodes to come.

When asked if fans will see a tiff between her and Tiffany Moon this season, Westcott confirmed, “You might little things here and there. I mean she does like to talk down to me. You know she is a know-it-all sometimes.”

The Dallas Housewife continued, “So she does talk down to me, but you know, she wasn’t very… vocal a lot when we all were hanging out. She was actually really quiet so it’s funny when I’m seeing everything cause I’m like, ‘I didn’t know you had that much to say.'”

We’ll just have to stay tuned and see how this friendship plays out in the upcoming episodes.

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.

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