These are the 90 Day Fiance cast members who live in Florida

Elizabeth Potthast and Russ Mayfield
Many 90 Day cast members have or used to call Florida home. Pic credit: TLC

Florida appears to be a wildly popular place for 90 Day Fiance stars with many of them either being from there and staying or others who moved there after falling in love with the state.

There’s also a few 90 Day cast who lived in Florida at one point but decided to move on.

Whether it be for the climate, beaches, community, or amenities, 90 Day cast members seem to have been drawn to the state for a variety of reasons and liked it so much they stayed.

90 Day Fiance stars that live in Florida currently

The list of 90 Day participants who call The Sunshine State home is extensive with many 90 Day fans attributing their lives in Florida as a main characteristic about them.

Loren and Alexei Brovarnik, who are starring in their own spinoff Loren & Alexei: After the 90 Days, are well-known Floridians. Loren is from Florida and never left while Alexei decided to settle there with her after moving to the US from Israel.

Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet live in the Tampa area and have deep ties to the area through Elizabeth’s family’s business flipping houses there. They have never discussed living anywhere else and recently built a home there.

The Potthast family and Andrei
The whole Potthast family and Andrei live in the Tampa area of Florida. Pic credit: TLC

Russ and Paola Mayfield moved to Miami originally for Paola’s modeling career and they have remained there. Instead of living traditionally, the couple and their young son have opted to live in an RV in a trailer park in Florida.

Love in Paradise’s Amber Graney is from Seminole, Florida, and brought her Venezuelan fiance Daniel Salazar over from Costa Rica.

Nicole Nafziger is from Bradenton, Florida, and has lived between her mom’s house and different apartments.

Fernanda Flores first lived in North Carolina when she moved to America to be with John Rivera before divorcing him and living in Chicago. When she grew tired of Chicago she moved to Miami to pursue her fitness career and has stayed there and met a man.

Martine Fortune from Love in Paradise lives in the Miami area as well and has continued a long-distance relationship with her partner Steven Blackett who lives in Barbados.

90 Day Fiance cast members who moved out of Florida

There have been two cast members who tried Florida out and realized it didn’t work for them and one that moved away for love.

Brittany Banks grew up in Miami and then moved to Houston after being featured on The Other Way while she was filming for The Single Life. She has since moved to the Atlanta area.

Mohamed Jbali famously tried to escape Danielle Jbali and moved to Miami where she showed up and accosted him. Whether Danielle soured the place for him or he was ready to move on, he is now a long-distance truck driver.

Kenny Niedermeier moved from St. Petersburg, Florida where he’s from to Mexico to be with Armando Rubio despite his entire family remaining in Florida. While he has visited, he’s expressed sadness over how much he is missing out on with his family.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays on TLC and Discovery+.

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