Love in Paradise: Is Daniel in it for love or is he using Amber to get to America?

Amber and Daniel
Amber and Daniel have a lot to work out if they are going to have a successful relationship and understand each other’s intentions. Pic credit: TLC

Daniel has thrown up many red flags for Amber on Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story and it is making viewers question if he truly loves Amber or is using her to come to America.

Daniel was supposed to get all the necessary paperwork together for the K-1 visa process and Amber expected him to have it when she arrived in Costa Rica. Not only did Daniel not have it but he also informed her that he quit his new job too. Amber was furious by his lack of responsibility and also took it personally because she had been financially supporting him throughout the pandemic.

His latest offense was letting Amber know when they went out to dinner with his brother that he wants his mom and brother to also come to America, which blindsided her.

Daniel Salazar has been making moves that have Amber Graney worried about his intentions

Amber has become mad at Daniel for several reasons around his decisions with the K-1 fiance visa. Amber is beginning to think that Daniel’s goal is to have a better life in America and to bring his family over for the same reason, not to be with her.

Amber thinks it’s ridiculous that he is focusing on bringing his family to America when he hasn’t even followed through with the things for his own K-1 process and thinks that he is going to rely on her to do all the leg work.

After the tense conversation between Amber and Daniel in front of David about bringing over his family, David gave a private interview.

He said, “When my brother brings me and our mother over to the United States, maybe Amber can help me with money because that’s what she did for my brother. That would be best for us.”

What David said can be interpreted as suspicious and adding to the growing red flags from Daniel’s corner.

Amber and Daniel
Amber got upset when Daniel told her he intends on bringing his mom and brother to the United States as well. Pic credit: TLC

Amber Graney and Daniel Salazar have a lot to overcome on Love in Paradise: The Caribbean this season

It is apparent that getting Daniel to America has not been easy so far for Amber and it will continue to be an uphill battle if Daniel continues to surprise her in negative ways.

In next week’s episode, it looks Daniel will anger Amber when he talks to another girl at a bar while Amber is there, only adding to their list of mounting problems.

Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story airs Sundays on Discovery+.

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