10 most memorable quotes in 90 Day Fiance history

Darcey, Danielle, and Molly from 90 Day Fiance
There were many memorable quotes throughout 90 Day Fiance history, but some stuck out more than others. Pic credit: TLC

The 90 Day Fiance franchise has given viewers a gold mine of meme-worthy and legendary quotes that live on in the hearts of fans.

As the couples on 90 Day Fiance and its spin-offs try to navigate cultural differences, transgressions, unforeseen obstacles, troubled relationships with friends and family, and the marriage process, many outrageous and intense moments have occurred.

Out of these moments, some unintentionally shocking and funny things were said and became recognizable quotes throughout the 90 Day Fiance fan base.

Whether these quotes came out of breakups, anguish, discontent, or straight-up anger, they made it on this list because they are some of the most well-known one liners in 90 Day Fiance history.

Many of the cast members who made these remarks are often remembered for them, for better or for worse, and their reputations from the show are tied to what they said.

As the 90 Day Fiance couples mishandle each other’s feelings or completely freak out, the cameras were rolling and ready to catch all the crazy things that were said. This list brings together the most memorable quotes from the cast throughout the seasons and spinoffs and captures many side-splitting ‘OMG’ or ‘Did they really just say that’ moments.

1. ‘Bring me my red bag with my makeup!’ -Anfisa Nava

Anfisa and Jorge gave viewers some of the most explosive scenes throughout their time on 90 Day Fiance and Happily Ever After. Jorge, who tended to relent and cower and had a hard time telling the truth, got bulldozed by his wife Afisa’s demanding and explosive nature.

Anfisa would become enraged when Jorge wouldn’t buy her things, or drop everything and come home to her, or when she would catch him in a lie.

In this particular scene, Jorge made them late, and Anfisa was just generally fed up with Jorge’s lies and inability to provide what she wanted, so she unleashed on him with a demand that had a very scary and intense tone.

She screamed, “Bring me my red bag with my makeup!”, and threw the house keys on the ground outside the car.

2. ‘Brandon I go Russia!’ – Julia Trubkina

Julia Trubkina
Julia always seemed fed up with Brandon’s inability to step up to his parents, culminating in this famous line from Julia. Pic credit: TLC

Julia expressed her disdain that she and Brandon had to live at Brandon’s parents’ house on their farm from the moment she came to America. To top it off, Julia was expected to help around the farm, which she hated and resented Brandon for having to do.

The difficult situation she was put in caused her to freak out several times and threaten Brandon with going back to Russia if things didn’t change. Julia’s famous line, “I go Russia!”, made fans feel bad for Brandon, who was on the receiving end of the threats.

Brandon and Julia are still living on the farm, and Julia continues to throw the idea of going back to Russia at Brandon. But her overwhelmed and fed-up expression when she say’s “I go Russia!”, is engrained in 90 Day Fiance viewers’ minds.

3. ‘Ninja Turtle Penguin Batman a** b***h’ -Antonio Ticer

David met Annie in Thailand but didn’t have money to support or marry her, so his rich best friend, Chris, co-signed on Annie’s K-1 visa, and the pair stayed with him and his wife, Nikki, in LA for a short time before moving to David’s home in Kentucky.

During that time, David was a sloppy drunk who often embarrassed himself while intoxicated. One of the most shocking insults was hurled at him by Nikki’s brother Antonio when David drunkenly suggested that Antonio wanted to sleep with Chris.

Antonio flipped out at David and stopped just short of violence, but he did manage to say one of the most memorable lines in 90 Day history.

The phrase “Ninja Turtle Penguin Batman a** b**h” has lived on in 90 Day Fiance infamy and has been even been reused as an insult towards David by Season 8’s Andrew Kenton.

4. ‘They’re trying to harvest the American dollar’ – Karen Everett

Karen Everett
Chantal’s mom, Karen, thought Chantal’s husband Pedro was plotting to use her daughter. Pic credit: TLC

Chantel married Pedro behind her family’s back, which set the stage for a sour and suspicious relationship between Pedro and her family.

Chantel’s parents continuously found reasons to suspect Pedro of foul play against their daughter and one of the most outlandish claims made by Chantel’s mom, Karen, was that Pedro was trying to harvest the American dollar.

She was wary that Pedro sent so much money back to his family in the Dominican Republic that he and Chantel had to make too many financial sacrifices because of it.

Karen thought that Pedro’s mom and sister were running a marriage ring in the Dominican Republic where they would match Dominicans with ‘stupid Americans’ so that the Dominicans could come to the US and harvest the dollar and send it back to the DR.

5. ‘Physically I’m attracted to Nicole, but just like, for example, 55 percent’ – Azan Tefou

Nicole and Azan from 90 Day Fiance
Azan voiced his opinions on Nicole’s health by expressing the percentage of which he was attracted to her. Pic credit: TLC

Azan was shocked when he met Nicole for the first time at the airport in Morocco because he wasn’t expecting her to be as big as she was. Nonetheless, he carried on a relationship with her that spanned several seasons of Before the 90 Days.

He epically tried to get her to eat healthy and even took her to the gym to try and get her motivated. She did her best, which wasn’t very good, and in Azan’s disappointment, he made a comment that made viewers gasp.

It appears he was asked a question how much he was attracted to Nicole the way she was and he answered, “Physically I’m attracted to Nicole, it’s not like, but just like, for example, 55 percent,” leading to a stark look from Nicole and some damage control from Azan. Nicole weight and health was a factor that played into some of the fights in their relationship.

6. ‘You don’t love me you never did. You liar! Get out of my life!’ -Darcey Silva

Darcey and Jesse from Before the 90 Days
Darcey and Jesse had many fights, but their final breakup fight was epic. Pic credit: TLC

During the final episode of Season 2 of Before the 90 Days, Jesse and Darcey broke up epically in the back of an Uber. They screamed at each other in what was a culmination of Jesse’s gaslighting and Darcey’s quick conclusions boiling over. The pair had many intense fights before this one, but this particular fight was outrageous.

She asked the driver to stop the car so she could get out and catch a different ride. They were still going at it while she was trying to gather some things when she screamed, “You don’t love me, you never did. You liar! Get out of my life!”

Darcey’s exclamation resonated along the streets of New York City.

Darcey also has had a lot of botox and other work done, so when she gets emotional like that, her face doesn’t tend to move, which has led to many memes.

7. ‘You’re a user Mohamed! You used me!’ – Danielle Jbali

Danielle and Mohamed had a very odd and short-lived relationship with many accusations being tossed around during and after their divorce. One of the more crazy things that Danielle did, was going to Miami where Mohamed was living to confront him about tricking her into canceling their annulment.

Danielle brazenly screamed at Mohamed on the street about manipulating her into pulling the annulment she started so that he could have a better chance of staying in America.

Her stance for a long time was that Mohamed was just using her for the green card. So when she yelled, “You’re a user Mohamed! You used me!”, it was an ‘OMG she went there’ moment for viewers.

8. ‘Colt is trashman’ – Jess Caroline

Colt Johnson
Colt really pissed off his ex with his cheating and she deemed him, “trash man.” Pic credit: TLC

Colt made a bad reputation for himself because of his habits of lying to and cheating on his ex, Larissa, and his ex, Jess. All of his transgressions came to light and he was exposed by either his own doing or his mother’s doing.

Jess’s fiery personality and choppy English came together when she labeled him as a “trash man” after their breakup, leading to meme accounts and jokes about how “Colt is trash man.”

9. ‘Almost there lazy’ – Azan Tefou

Nicole and Azan from 90 Day Fiance

Azan and Nicole made it on the list again for Azan’s comments to Nicole about her fitness level. When they were in the desert in Morocco, they had to climb a giant sand dune to get back up to their camel’s and Nicole struggled hard.

Azan grew impatient with Nicole’s physical ability, and while he was helping her and she kept stopping, he said the famous line, “Almost there, lazy.”

10. ‘This is nuts!!’ – Molly Hopkins

Molly has a very distinct Southern accent that viewers have grown to know and recognize. So when she got in a heated and bizarre argument with her then-husband Luis, the peak of the fight was Molly yelling, “This is nuts!”

She was referring to the way Luis turned their discussion of how he was being an ‘a**hole’ to Molly’s kids into an attack on Molly’s religious beliefs. Molly’s confusion and shock at the turn their argument took was too much for her and the famous “This is nuts” line came out.

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