90 Day Fiance viewers are divided on whether they think Kenny’s children are overreacting

Kenny and his children
90 Day Fiance: The Other Way viewers discussed Kenny’s children’s feelings about thinking Kenny would not have time for them if he and Armando had another kid. Pic credit: TLC

A conversation was started by 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way fans about Kenny’s childrens’ reactions to Kenny’s desire to have a kid with Armando which means Kenny’s time and attention could potentially be taken away from them even more than it already is.

Viewers were divided on whether Kenny’s children were validated in feeling resentment that he is not around as much for them. The discussion also took into consideration what would be best for Armando’s daughter Hannah.

The conversation that took place on Reddit also reviewed where people thought the trio should be based, whether it be Mexico or America.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way viewers commented on the Kenny Niedermeier’s childrens’ reactions

Viewers expressed their divided opinions Regarding Kenny’s childrens’ dismay that more of Kenny’s time would be taken away from them if had another kid with Armando.

A Reddit thread was started titled, “Kenny’s daughters do, indeed have another active parent…”

The post went on to explain, “Although you won’t hear him mentioned on TLC, Cooper has another grandpa. And the kids have another local involved dad. Check out the photos on insta. Danferner It might change some opinions on a few things. They definitely weren’t left all alone to fend for themselves.”

One person brought up Hannah’s well-being and made a case for her to stay in Mexico. They said, “Because she needs to maintain ties to Armando’s extended family, who she lived with up until recently and her mother’s family. I’d imagine it would be much harder for them to visit her in the US than it is for Kenny’s kids to visit him in Mexico.”

They continued, “You prioritize what’s in a child’s best interest in these situations. It’s in Hannah’s best interest to be near these people in Mexico.”

Another person agreed and added, “Yes, this is what I think. Even if they don’t live near the family in Mexico, at least there is no border in the way.”

Someone who thought differently made the point, “But she’s not, she’s 5 hours away. That’s my question and the issue, it wouldn’t be difficult for them to move to the US and visit fairly frequently.”

Reddit thread about Kenny and his children
Pic credit: @singingnina/Reddit

Someone rebutted that argument and said, “I mean, so what? 5 hours isn’t insurmountable and they still seem to visit frequently. Are you saying it’s in her best interest to be moved further away and across a border? To a different culture and a country whose language she doesn’t speak? I don’t see how any of that is in her best interest. It really only benefits Kenny and his adult children.”

Another critic who was assessing the conversation chimed in, “So Armando should move his daughter who’s 9 to another country because Kenny’s adult children aren’t happy Kenny decided to move to Mexico and get married. Kenny’s old enough to make his own decisions. I would think his kids would want him to be happy.”

Reddit thread about Kenny and his children
Pic credit: @singingnina/Reddit

Kenny Niedermeier and Armando Rubio’s wedding is getting closer on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

Now that viewers saw Armando’s family, including his dad, and Kenny’s family come together before the wedding, fans can anticipate their extravagant wedding.

Armando’s dad’s presence at the wedding was not easy to get and Armando still fears that he won’t be there when they celebrate their love with a kiss in front of everyone or that he will have a negative reaction.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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Lenore Meyer
Lenore Meyer
2 years ago

Kenny’s kids should give him a schedule. That was he w know when to give them their bottles and burn them.

2 years ago

If they are overacting, it’s because they have a father that does nothing but cry like a baby, over nothing. I don’t think they are overacting at all, Kenny is flat out too old to raise another kid, and the deal about how Armando being young and having “dreams” about more kids, he’s got Hannah, no reason to bring another kid into the picture.

2 years ago

They are not overacting at all, Kenny is way too old to talk about having another kid, let alone actually obtainone. Armando has Hannah, they need to get over this ridiculous idea!

LaDora L Kirkman
LaDora L Kirkman
2 years ago

I can most definetly see their point!!!!!!
Armando has Hannah,
I don’t think Kenny should adopt or anything like that!!!
I hate to be a debbie downer BUT I don’t see this relationship working long-term.
Kenny has such a huge heart and that heart MISSES his children & grandson, plus the expected one.
I truly hope he doesn’t go through with any additional to the family!!!!