These 90 Day Fiance stars are currently expecting babies

Olga Koshimbetova, Juliana Custodio, and Loren Brovarnik
There are many pregnancies among the past and present cast members of the 90 Day Fiance franchise. Pic credit: TLC

2022 has been a crazy year for the amount of 90 Day Fiance cast members across the franchise who are expecting babies.

In total, five female 90 Day cast members are currently pregnant, and one 90 Day male cast member is expecting with a new girlfriend. Several of them revealed their baby news in just the last few weeks.

Not all of the 90 Day moms are with their partners from the show either.

Regardless of their relationship statuses, the 90 Day Fiance community is happy to have more adorable baby content from some of the most entertaining cast members.

Six 90 Day Fiance cast members are pregnant right now

A 90 Day fan page on Instagram made a tribute video to the currently pregnant or expecting stars.

The video first highlighted Juliana Custodio, who got pregnant with her new boyfriend just one month after separating from her 90 Day Fiance partner Michael Jessen.

Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet will have their second child and recently moved into a place all their own.

Loren and Alexei Brovarnik announced that they would be parents of three under three now that Loren is pregnant for the third time.

Their first two pregnancies were detailed on different 90 Day spinoffs.

Young 90 Day couple Steven Frend and Olga Koshimbetova announced several weeks ago that they are going to have a second child. They recently appeared on 90 Day Diaries, where news of their pregnancy was not on the table yet.

Season 4 of Before the 90 Days star and Avery Warner’s ex-boyfriend, Ash Naeck, revealed that he and his new girlfriend would be having a baby. It will be their first together and Ash’s second child.

Deavan Clegg is pregnant for the third time with her boyfriend, Topher Park. Deavan’s first child Drascilla is from a previous relationship, and she had her son Taeyang with her ex-husband Jihoon Lee who she appeared on The Other Way with.

2021 was the year of 90 Day Fiance couple splits

Six 90 Day Fiance couples broke up in 2021, making it the year with the most official 90 Day breakups.

The breakups included Evelyn Cormier and David Zermeno, Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva, Juliana Custodio and Michael Jessen, Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith, Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester, and Nicole Nafzinger and Azan Tefou.

Both Ronald and Juliana moved on quickly to new partners, although Ronald and Tiffany are rumored to be back together.

Another notable couple who was on the rocks in 2021 was Russ and Paola Mayfield, who had a public social media showing of the issues in their marriage. They have since reconciled, however.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC and Discovery+.

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