Theresa Nist shares big baby news days after finalizing The Golden Bachelor divorce

Theresa Nist on The Golden Bachelor
Theresa Nist’s family is getting bigger. Pic credit: ABC

The Golden Bachelor’s first marriage is officially over, but that’s not Theresa Nist’s focus these days.

Rather than cry over the end of her relationship with Gerry Turner, she’s in celebration mode.

That’s because Theresa just shared the news that her family is expanding following the end of her short-lived marriage.

The current grandmother of six can soon add one more after her daughter, Jen Woolston, revealed her big pregnancy news.

It seems that Theresa has known about her daughter’s pregnancy for a while, but just shared it with her 133k Instagram followers on Thursday.

Theresa posted a carousel of photos from their mother-daughter photo shoot and a sweet video that showed when Theresa first found out.

Theresa Nist is gushing over her daughter’s pregnancy

It’s a good thing Theresa didn’t pack up and head for Indiana with Gerry because soon she’ll have seven reasons to stay in New Jersey after Jen gives birth.

In her sweet pregnancy announcement, Theresa wrote, “I no longer have to contain the supreme joy that I’ve been feeling ever since she told me about it more than a month ago. I was beyond thrilled to say the least. Luckily my daughter captured it on video so you don’t have to imagine how it went!”

She continued, “To say that I am so incredibly happy about this new life within her is a serious understatement. I mean, how lucky am I to have two incredible children who married two other incredible humans who then went on to have six beautiful, amazing boys? And now I am about to have a seventh grandchild?”

Theresa then talked about how grateful she is for another addition to her family and praised her daughter for the way she is raising the children she already has.

Gerry and Theresa are both embracing their families following divorce

It seems Theresa and Gerry are leaning on their families and are spending much more time with their children following their divorce announcement.

Despite several rumors that have plagued Gerry since he and Theresa called it quits, he’s also been spending quality time with his children.

Gerry posted a family photo from Memorial Day Weekend to share his day on the water with his kids and grandkids.

Then, for Father’s Day, he shared more family photos and even shouted out his dad, whom he favors quite a bit.

Despite saying during their Good Morning America interview that both Gerry and Theresa will look for love again after their split, it doesn’t seem that either has returned to dating quite yet. Gerry has said that his DMs are full of offers, so there’s no doubt he’ll have plenty of women to choose from once he’s ready.

The Golden Bachelor is currently on hiatus on ABC.

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