Gerry Turner’s DMs full of interested women after Theresa Nist divorce

Gerry Turner on The Golden Bachelor
Gerry Turner can have the pick of his DMs when he’s ready. Pic credit: ABC

Gerry Turner won’t have trouble finding a new partner when he’s ready to settle down again.

The Golden Bachelor star’s divorce was finalized this month, and plenty of ladies are already lining up.

Gerry recently opened up to TMZ and reassured fans that he’s still not quite ready to date so soon after finalizing his divorce.

But when he is ready, he’ll have his pick of the DMs.

That’s right. The first senior Bachelor star says his DMs are full of women who want to date him, and he’s even getting relationship proposals when he goes out in public.

It’ll be interesting to see how long Gerry waits to move on from Theresa, given their short time together.

Gerry Turner has denied a return to dating before

This isn’t the first time that Gerry Turner has denied that he is already back in the dating pool following his divorce announcement.

Before the divorce was finalized, The Golden Bachelor star was fielding questions about a rumor that he was already looking for love before his split from Theresa Nist was official.

When one fan of the show hit him up on Instagram last month, Gerry responded, making it clear that he’s not ready to dip his toes back in the dating pool quite yet.

And while he hasn’t said when he’ll return to looking for love, we can only assume that it won’t take him long.

Especially since we know that he didn’t even wait long after his late wife passed away to start dating again. That news hit the headlines right before The Golden Bachelor finale when a disgruntled ex-girlfriend put Gerry’s business out there in a move that had some of his biggest fans turning their backs.

Gerry Turner is spending time with family following Theresa Nist split

Rather than look for romance again, Gerry seems more interested in making memories with his family and documenting their time together on social media.

That’s exactly what he did for Memorial Day Weekend when he went boating with his kids and grandkids.

He spent even more time with them again on Father’s Day and didn’t shy away from sharing those memories with his fans, too.

Gerry Turner poses with his dad for Father's Day
Gerry Turner shared a photo with his dad for Father’s Day. Pic credit: @goldengerryturner/Instagram

Gerry even posted a pic of himself with his dad to commemorate Father’s Day, and it’s safe to say we know where he gets his good looks.

The Golden Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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Joan needs to think for herself and forget advice from Golden BACHELOR.