Gerry Turner finalized divorce with Theresa Nist after short-lived The Golden Bachelor wedding

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist
Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist are divorced. Pic credit: ABC

The Golden Bachelor’s first couple was not a match made in heaven.

Three months after watching Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist tie the knot in a lavish televised wedding, the senior reality stars announced they were already calling it quits.

They told fans the decision was made because they could not agree on where to live.

But there was more to it, as we figured out based on an interview that came out right before the divorce announcement which was confirmed by one of their castmates.

Instead of disagreeing on location, it turns out that they really disagreed on Theresa’s decision to continue working, despite being 70 years old.

Gerry understandably wanted to spend his golden years traveling and enjoying retirement – something the pair probably should have talked about before getting engaged and definitely should have worked out before getting married.

The Golden Bachelor’s first marriage is officially over

It only took two months after their announcement for Gerry and Theresa to finalize their divorce so they could move on.

That makes sense because Gerry officially filed to dissolve their marriage on the same day the pair made their Good Morning America appearance and broke the news.

Despite previous reports that they didn’t have a prenup going into it, it turns out that they did so each of them will leave the marriage with what they brought in as they didn’t even have time to acquire marital property and never did settle into a home together.

Gerry filed for divorce from Theresa in his home state of Indiana on April 12. According to documents viewed by Monsters and Critics, the pair agreed on a marital settlement, and the dissolution of their marriage was completed on Thursday, June 13.

Gerry and Theresa’s marriage officially ended just two months after they announced plans to go their separate ways.

Gerry Turner missed the mark with Fantasy Suites comments

It’s no secret that Gerry favored second-place finisher Leslie Fhima right up to the finale, but during Fantasy Suites, he changed his mind and chose Theresa Nist instead.

Recently, The Golden Bachelor star admitted that he was “very happy” about Fantasy Suites, not because it allowed him to be intimate with the two women but because it gave them some time away from the cameras to speak privately.

It seems it would have been a great time to speak to both women about his expectations following the show and to ensure they were on the same wavelength regarding working versus retirement.

Then again, it may not have even mattered because it doesn’t look like Leslie is trying to slow down anytime soon either and still works hard. choreographing events and hosting retreats following her appearance on the show.

Gerry’s third-place finisher, Faith Martin, is also still actively working and recently announced her plans to leave her longtime radio station. She assures fans that they’ll hear her on the radio again soon, just on another station.

She recently revealed that she wouldn’t be interested in giving Gerry another chance after getting sent home during the next-to-last rose ceremony.

The Golden Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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