Gerry Turner dishes on why The Golden Bachelor’s Fantasy Suites made him ‘very happy’

Gerry Turner on The Golden Bachelor
Gerry Turner opened up about what went down when the cameras were off. Pic credit: ABC

Gerry Turner has opened up about what went down in the Fantasy Suites while he was The Golden Bachelor.

A lot of tea has been spilled with Gerry’s appearance on The Kardashians but we didn’t get a spoiler about who won even though Kendall saw the evidence on his phone.

She told the cameras that Gerry was very flirty with her mom despite being engaged to Theresa.

Had Gerry still been with Theresa when this episode aired, it might have been more unsettling.

But since the pair already split up, it seems unsurprising that he wasn’t actually all in and had no trouble flirting with other women—so much so that Kris even declared that she had a boyfriend during a confessional.

Now, we know a bit more about his time in the Fantasy Suites with Theresa Nist and Leslie Fhima.

Gerry Turner opens up about this perk of Fantasy Suites

Historically, Fantasy Suites have been where the lead gets a chance to be more intimate with the season’s finalists in more ways than one.

It gives them a chance to enjoy each other’s company without the intrusion of cameras and that is what Gerry enjoyed about his private time with both Leslie and Theresa — but not for the reason one might think.

On The Kardashians, Gerry talked about a lot of things he experienced on The Golden Bachelor. The Fantasy Suites and why they were so important was one of those topics.

Gerry revealed that he was “very happy about the overnights because – yeah, not for the reason you think. If you spend five weeks getting to know women, yet everything you say and do is recorded, you’re dying to get to that overnight where you can ask the questions without an audience.”

Gerry Turner should have asked about post-marriage plans during overnights

We only know snippets of what happened in the Fantasy Suites based on what Gerry Turner has told us, but it seems that he missed out on a big opportunity, and perhaps that is why he is now divorcing his The Golden Bachelor winner.

Before their divorce announcement, Theresa revealed that they didn’t agree on her decision to stay working, and it has long been assumed that is why they decided to call things off.

Recently, her castmate, Susan Noles, confirmed as much while chatting about Gerry and Theresa’s divorce again. While insisting that she loves them both, Susan clearly is siding with Gerry over the split, as she said again that it was due to Theresa’s reluctance to quit her job and enjoy retirement with Gerry.

It’s no secret that Leslie Fhima was the frontrunner and Gerry’s favorite heading into the Fantasy Suites and it was there where he made a big U-turn in terms of who he would choose.

Perhaps Gerry and Theresa should have talked more about their plans should he propose to her and how he expected to spend their time together.

The Golden Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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7 days ago

He made a big u-turn when he found out the size of Theresa’s bank account.