The Masked Singer faces controversy when a contestant walks off stage

Firefly performing on The Masked Singer
Firefly performing on The Masked Singer. Pic credit: Fox

A lot of fans are waiting to see the controversial moment when one Masked Singer contestant causes two judges to walk off the set.

However, before that happened, one of the Masked Singer contestants seemingly got mad and walked off the stage.

The first week of the season saw McTerrier eliminated and unmasked.

The second week saw the same singers from Week 1, sans McTerrier, return to compete again. This time, there was a final two and one of the contestants was not happy about it.

Firefly walks off the stage of The Masked Singer

In the first week, there was a scary moment on The Masked Singer.

When Firefly went up to sing, she began to choke. She couldn’t continue and needed medical attention.

She returned and finished the song later on the show and seemed to pick up a lot of fans thanks to her return and singing ability.

That goodwill might have disappeared after Week 2.

In the second week of The Masked Singer, Firefly sang P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) by Michael Jackson.

The competition was tough that week, with Cyclops singing Suspicious Minds by Elvis Presley and Thingamabob singing Perfect by Ed Sheeran.

It was Firefly and Ram, who sang Learning to Fly by Foo Fighters, in the bottom two based on fan voting.

When this was announced, Firefly turned and walked off the stage. The panelists all seemed confused by why she walked off the stage. Later, the news came that she was not happy to be in the bottom two so she walked off the stage.

However, it wasn’t over for her yet.

Firefly came back out and sang a dueling song against Ram in a sing-off. The judges chose to eliminate Ram, and he unmasked as former FOX NFL sportscaster Joe Buck.

Firefly lived to sing another day, despite her diva-like attitude when she walked off the stage.

However, thanks to her walking off the stage, there are questions about whether or not she can redeem herself this week because the original group of five will drop down to one this week when Firefly, Cyclops, and Thingamabob will see two of them eliminated.

Who is Firefly on The Masked Singer?

With Firefly in a win-or-die moment in Week 3, here are the clues so far for the singer.

We believe Firefly is Teyana Taylor.

Firefly told the panelists, “I’ve been performing all my life, and it feels amazing every time I step on stage.” Teyana has been performing since she was a teenager.

A mini Statue of Liberty was shown, and Teyana is from New York City. There was also a program from the Apollo, and Teyana performed there as well.

A photo of Tyler Perry was also shown, and Teyana was in Madea’s Big Happy Family.

Watch this Wednesday to see if Firefly moves on, or if she unmasks and our guess of Teyana Taylor proves to be correct.

The Masked Singer airs on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Fox.

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