The Masked Singer: Who was the sportscaster unmasked as Ram in Week 2?

Joe Buck as Ram on The Masked Singer
Joe Buck as Ram on The Masked Singer. Pic credit: Fox

The first batch of five singers on The Masked Singer performed in both the first and second week of the seventh season.

In the second week, it was Ram who ended up unmasking and going home.

When the mask came off it was sportscaster Joe Buck, and him going home on the Fox reality show had a double meaning when all was said and done.

Who is Joe Buck on The Masked Singer?

Ram came out in Week 2 and sang Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters. This followed up the Week 1 song, I Want You to Want Me.

After the first week, the judges assumed that Ram was a football player, and probably a quarterback.

The clues included a blue football helmet with yellow letters and the number six. Anyone who watches football knows that red and yellow are the Los Angeles Rams’ colors.

There was a pamphlet that showed Hamlet x Macbeth, which makes it sound like the football player was also an actor, possibly.

He said he is following in the footsteps of Papa Ram.

There was a piggy bank with a quarter being placed in it, which hinted that the singer was a quarterback.

After the song, he said, “My entire life I’ve heard boos, I’ve heard cheers, but I’m used to telling stories under these lights and I’ve worked my whole life to get to where I am today.”

It wasn’t a quarterback. It was Fox football announcer Joe Buck.

Buck followed “Papa Ram,” which was his father Jack Buck, another sportscaster. The name Buck also tied in with his role as a Ram.

The idea that he “told stories under the lights” was the better clue for his role as a sportscaster.

Joe Buck not only left The Masked Singer, but he also left Fox

The elimination was awkwardly timed. Most fans thought that Rudy Giuliani was going to unmask in Week 1, but that didn’t happen.

There were hints it could happen in Week 2, but it was Joe Buck.

What is awkward about the timing is that Joe Buck and his broadcast partner Troy Aikman both announced the same day the episode aired that they were leaving Fox.

The two revealed they will no longer announce the game of the day for Fox on Sundays and will move to ESPN and become the new Monday Night Football announcers.

That made it ironic that the pre-recorded elimination of Buck on Fox’s The Masked Singer came the same day that he announced he was leaving the network completely for a rival network.

The Masked Singer airs on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Fox.

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