The Masked Singer: All the costumes and clues so far heading into Season 7 premiere

Team Good on The Masked Singer Season 7
Team Good on The Masked Singer Season 7. Pic credit: Fox

The Masked Singer is back this week for its seventh season, and there are already clues ahead of the premiere.

The show has introduced all 15 costumes for the season, with five on three teams known as The Good, The Bad, and The Cuddly.

The first of the costumes showed up in the sneak peek of the new season, which included clues for each of those costumes.

However, the costumes introduced after that on social media and through press releases have no clues yet.

Here is what we know so far.

Who is on Team Good on The Masked Singer?

Team Good includes Firefly, McTerrier, Prince, Ringmaster, and Armadillo.

While Firefly, McTerrier, and Prince all showed up on the sneak peek, Ringmaster and Armadillo were revealed later without clues.

Who is on Team Bad on The Masked Singer?

Team Bad includes Cyclops, Ram, Queen Cobra, Three-Headed Hydra, and Jack In The Box.

Cyclops, Ram, and Queen Cobra were all on the sneak peek. Three-Headed Hydra and Jack In The Box showed up in later promos.

Who is on Team Cuddly on The Masked Singer?

Team Cuddly includes Thingamabob, Lemur, Space Bunny, Baby Mammoth, and Miss Teddy.

Thingamabob, Lemur, and Space Bunny were all on the sneak peek. However, Baby Mammoth and Miss Teddy showed up in the later promos.

What are the clues so far on The Masked Singer?

Here are the first clues heading into The Masked Singer Season 7.

McTerrier has a blue guitar with the Union Jack on it, hinting at a rock star from the U.K.

Prince has a blue and white letterman’s jacket with the number 30 on it. This hints he might be an athlete.

Firefly has a tiara with three pink jewels in it, hinting this might be a pop star diva.

Cyclops has a pirate’s treasure map with 200 North and 4 South written on it.

Queen Cobra has a comic book sketch of a superhero with a question mark on the costume.

Ram has a blue football helmet with yellow lettering and the number six. Blue and yellow are the Los Angeles Rams team colors.

Space Bunny has a pink neon sign with North Carolina on it.

Baby Mammoth is ruby red shoes similar to The Wizard of Oz.

Thingamabob has a photo of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Lemur has a ring light, hinting she might be a social media star, possibly from TikTok.

The Masked Singer Season 7 premieres on Wednesday night, March 9, at 8/7c on Fox.

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