The Challenge’s Wes Bergmann shows off impressive physique, fires back at steroid rumors

wes bergmann on the challenge double agents episode 3
After showing off how in shape he is away from The Challenge, Wes Bergmann addressed ongoing steroid rumors. Pic credit: MTV

Being a competitor on MTV’s The Challenge requires individuals to keep an eye on their health and fitness, as it becomes almost similar to a career in professional sports.

It often includes training in the offseason for future seasons of the show, something many of the competitors take seriously even as they get older.

Wes Bergmann is a multiple-time champion on the show, but as he is becoming one of the older competitors, apparently, some fans have questioned how he has been able to get the physique he has.

Wes shows off his impressive physique

While Wes didn’t last very long on The Challenge: Double Agents, it appears he’s still focused on keeping himself in tip-top shape for future seasons.

In a recent series of photos shared on his Instagram Story, Wes showed he’s made some major gains while working out. In one photo, he’s seen kissing his large bicep. Another photo shows The Challenge veteran without a shirt on, displaying a relatively chiseled physique. Wes added a fiery volcano emoji below it.

The @thechallengeoverdose Instagram account shared screenshots of Wes’ fitness success (below).

Keep in mind, Wes is 36 years old, which is still young by Challenge standards. For comparison, his Double Agents castmate Darrell Taylor is 41, and Chris “CT” Tamburello is now 40 years old. Aneesa Ferreira is 39. Seven-time Challenge winner Johnny Bananas is 38 years old. So Wes is technically younger than those four and looking to keep himself in top condition.

Wes fires back at steroid rumors

Following his display of how in shape he is, Wes may have received some comments online suggesting he’s been using steroids to bulk up. However, the two-time Challenge winner refuted that, even saying that the rumors started years ago.

“Y’all the steroid comments are hilarious. I’m a 36 year old businessman whom wants to live a long life. I’m not in the fitness industry, I’m in finance ?. I’m also married. Lifting weights helps me sleep, which is my biggest problem these days. There isn’t a single incentive to take steroids,” Wes said in an IG Story slide on Saturday (March 6).

Wes went on to say that the rumors came about years ago “by dumb, jealous, and insecure people” who don’t know enough about bodybuilding.

“I used to be flattered by the steroid comments. But now it scares me, because these comments are demotivating people from starting their weight lifting journey because they think the only way to succeed is with steroids,” Wes said on his IG Story post (below).

wes bergmann comments about steroid rumors
Pic credit: @westonbergmann/Instagram Story

With rumors The Challenge is going into Season 37, and Wes probably intent on returning at some point, it makes sense he’d want to stay in shape. There’s also the new spinoff, The Challenge: All Stars, which seems something Wes could pop up on in the future. Potential All Stars cast spoilers suggest a couple of his Double Agents castmates are on Season 1, showing it’s a possibility for Wes.

That said, he’s commented that he won’t be returning for Season 37 of The Challenge, and instead focusing on another project. In the meantime, it can’t hurt for him to keep himself in shape for the reasons he said, and future appearances on MTV’s competitive series.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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