The Challenge’s Paulie Calafiore responds to fan asking about his name-calling toward castmate

paulie calafiore on the challenge war of the worlds 2 season
Paulie Calafiore during a promotional video for The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 season. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

A recent online comment made by Paulie Calafiore towards his castmate from The Challenge prompted at least one fan to call out the former Big Brother star for his name-calling.

In his original comment on Twitter, Paulie referred to his castmate on Final Reckoning, Jemmye Carroll, as “Jemmye the Hut,” after she had reacted to learning of a Twitch video where Paulie and his brother Cody brought up her being on the All Stars spinoff.

Paulie recently replied to a fan’s question on his Instagram Story in which he explained why he has an issue with Jemmye based on other things she’s said or done.

Paulie replies to fan about name-calling in his comment

Many of The Challenge stars have regular Q&A sessions on their Instagram Stories, including Paulie Calafiore, who regularly posts “Ask me a question” and replies to many of the questions.

In one recent question, someone asked, “Is there a reason you called Jemmye: ‘Jemmye the Hut’ do you feel like a big man?”

In part of Paulie’s reply, he referred to previous comments Jemmye has made about him or his family culture. Paulie included that Jemmye had called him a “school shooter” and “sociopath,” “falsely accused” him of domestic violence, and also lied about him “failing a psych evaluation.”

“In a world where there’s REAL VICTIMS of those things I don’t care if she’s upset over being compared to a Star Wars character. She’s a bully who sticks her nose in everything then plays victim when someone claps back. That’s weak,” Paulie said in his reply.

He went on to say he holds all individuals accountable “no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation.”

“If you’re a s**t person you’re a s**t person. Period,” Paulie finished his reply with.

A fan account which shares various Challenge content reposted Paulie’s IG Story reply (below).

Jemmye and Paulie’s Twitter comments arrived after Cody’s Twitch stream

Last week, Paulie’s brother, Big Brother 22 winner Cody Calafiore, held a live stream on his Twitch channel, where he does gaming videos. During that session, Paulie and his girlfriend, Cara Maria Sorbello, were briefly part of the live chat.

The topic of Cara being part of The Challenge: All Stars cast came up, and Cody said it was “mind-blowing” that she wasn’t on the first season. Cara brought up Jemmye saying she must be more of an All Star than her. That prompted Cody to launch into a bit of critical commentary about Jemmye, questioning why she keeps getting called for The Challenge.

Fans alerted Jemmye to the clip, which surfaced online, and she reacted to it, saying she “couldn’t care less about what those brothers that make out with their dad said.” That brought Paulie to comment on Twitter (below) where he asked her if she disagreed about Cara being “more of an All Star” than her, and said, “most men would rather kiss their Dad than kiss you Jemmye the hut.”

While Jemmye was part of The Challenge: All Stars cast that recently appeared on Paramount Plus, Paulie has not been on The Challenge since the War of the Worlds 2 season in 2019. He’s reached the final in two of his three seasons on the show but has yet to win it all.

While it’s been several seasons that he’s been away, he’s previously made comments that make it look like he intends to return to MTV’s show again. However, he’s said he’s training for a spot at the upcoming Winter Olympics before he goes back again.

Jemmye could appear in another season of All Stars, as she was amongst the first season’s 22 OGs and completed the final along with nine other castmates. It’s unknown if she has intentions of returning to the regular season show on MTV at this point, though.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on MTV. The Challenge: All Stars episodes are available on Paramount Plus.

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