The Challenge’s Jemmye Carroll fires back at Cody and Paulie Calafiore after comments about her All Stars appearance

the challenge all stars jemmye carroll during deliberation meeting
The Challenge’s Jemmye Carroll reacted to comments made about her on Cody Calafiore’s Twitch stream Pic credit: Paramount+

Following comments made by The Challenge’s Paulie Calafiore and his brother Cody on a recent video chat, Jemmye Carroll has given her thoughts on the matter.

The two reality television stars, both of whom got their starts on Big Brother, had a live video chat on Twitch. Paulie’s girlfriend Cara Maria Sorbello, a two-time Challenge winner, also appeared during the stream.

Topics of conversation included which of the Calafiore brothers is the better competitor and even some discussion about Cara Maria possibly doing a season of The Challenge: All Stars. That brought up comments from Cody in which he said he was surprised Jemmye keeps getting called for the show.

Cody and Paulie Calafiore discussed All Stars on Twitch

Big Brother 22 winner Cody Calafiore has been using the Twitch platform for live streaming his gaming sessions, but also had several special guests stop by recently. His brother Paulie and Paulie’s girlfriend Cara Maria chatted with him several days ago, to discuss The Challenge, with the recent All Stars spinoff coming up as a topic.

After Paulie asked him on the Twitch stream, Cody said he didn’t watch the spinoff series due to canceling Paramount Plus. However, he commented that it was “mind-blowing” that Cara wasn’t part of The Challenge: All Stars. He brought up how it had other cast members who started around the same time Cara did.

Paulie jumped in to say maybe Cara will have a season of All Stars in her future. That’s when Cara spoke up about it, saying “Jemmye [Carroll] was more of an All Star I guess.”

“Jemmye is probably one of the worst people that I’ve ever seen on The Challenge,” Cody commented about the recent All Stars cast member.

“I’m blown away every single year that she gets asked back. I’m like, ‘This girl can barely get up off of her seat and walk to the other room versus running two-and-a-half miles,’” he added.

Paulie never mentioned Jemmye by name during the conversation but seemed to get a chuckle out of what Cody said about her. Basically, the most critical comment came from Cody, who also admitted he didn’t even watch the spinoff season.

Jemmye reacts to Twitch comments, Paulie responds

Following those comments from Cody during the Twitch stream, Jemmye’s fans, or Challenge fans stirring things up, must have brought the remarks to her attention. She posted on her Twitter account after learning about it.

“I couldn’t care less about what those brothers that make out with their dad said about me..,” Jemmye tweeted with a GIF as part of her reaction to it all.

Jemmye’s tweet brought Paulie to Twitter to reply with a retweet of her comment and GIF (below) asking if Jemmye disagrees that “Cara is more of an all star” than she is.

“So you disagree that Cara is more of an all star than you? Also, most men would rather kiss their Dad than kiss you Jemmye the hut,” Paulie wrote, referring to Jemmye as the Star Wars character.

The above tweet reply from Paulie didn’t get a direct reply from Jemmye. Instead, she let her followers know she’s unable to see what Paulie is saying on Twitter.

“For the record. I can’t see his tweets. He blocked me years ago so that man is talking to himself…,” Jemmye tweeted on Friday evening.

the challenge jemmye carroll tweets that paulie blocked her years ago
Pic credit: @JustJem24/Twitter

Jemmye’s previous Challenge season featured Paulie and Cara

Before her appearance on All Stars, Jemmye appeared on seven seasons of MTV’s The Challenge, with her only appearance in a final during Rivals II. She initially debuted on Battle of the Seasons in 2012, which also featured Cara Maria as part of the cast.

Jemmye’s last regular season of the MTV show was Final Reckoning in 2018, which marked Paulie’s debut alongside partner Natalie Negrotti. Cara Maria was also part of that season, as Marie Roda’s teammate. Both Paulie and Cara’s teams made it to the final, but they ultimately lost to the team of Ashley Mitchell and Hunter Barfield.

On the recent All Stars season, Jemmye was amongst 12 competitors in the final and was one of the 10 that crossed the finish line. Her main struggle came due to the eating aspects of the final. That included ingesting Carolina Reaper peppers and then roasted animal parts ahead of a footrace up a mountain to the finish line.

Despite her getting sick from eating, she pushed on with the rest of the final and ultimately finished seventh overall amongst competitors.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes are currently available on Paramount Plus. The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on MTV.

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