The Challenge’s Mark Long reacts to All Stars success: ‘We’re slowly taking over the city’

mark long on the challenge all stars first episode
Mark Long appears on The Challenge: All Stars’ premiere episode. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars is taking viewers on a trip down memory lane combined with the updated look and feel of the newer seasons. While it’s taking over screens with every new episode each week, the show is also taking over in several cities.

Mark Long was responsible for helping The Challenge: All Stars find its way to production, and now the longtime OG competitor is enjoying the success of his pet project.

He recently shared several images to show fans just how All Stars is starting to take over in two major cities. Many of the stars of The Challenge gave their reactions, some of whom seemed like they could appear on future seasons of the spinoff.

Mark Long shares The Challenge: All Stars’ sign of success

Just a day after The Challenge: All Stars Episode 2 was released on Paramount Plus for viewers, Mark Long took to Instagram to show off the huge sign that is currently appearing in New York City.

It’s a larger-than-life and colorful display featuring the All Stars name and poster, along with Paramount+ to let people know exactly where to catch the entertaining new series.

“The positive response I’ve gotten from fans and media outlets this past week has been more than I could ever dream of⭐️ / Thank you all for loving and supporting #TheChallengeAllStars ?????? / If you’re in New York this month, we’re slowly taking over the city ? thank you again,” Mark shared in his caption, tagging several Instagram accounts, including Paramount Plus.

Many of The Challenge cast members from past and present dropped by to congratulate Mark or give positive feedback about the show. That included Cohutta Grindstaff, who was actually an alternate for the All Stars cast.

“This whole thing is so cool,” Cohutta wrote in the comments, drawing a reply from Mark to thank him. The comment also brought in a fan who suggested that Cohutta could be on Season 2.

“?? a legend you are,” Marie Rhoda commented.

“You did this @themarklong !!! You deserve all this. Your effort to make your Vision a reality is seriously amazing. Be proud!” Paula Beckerto said to her former The Challenge castmate.

Also leaving comments were Double Agents star Ashley Mitchell, Big Brother star Memphis Garrett, and plenty of fans praising the show for being better than the recent regular seasons.

Devyn Simone shares billboard from West Hollywood

Former The Real World and The Challenge star Devyn Simone also shared that there’s a billboard now appearing in West Hollywood, California. It’s not of the same size as what’s showing up in NYC, but it still stands out and lets people know about the new show.

The Aftermath host showed off a picture of the billboard at night on her Instagram story (below), also tagging Mark Long to let him know All Stars is getting love on both coasts. Mark shared it on his Instagram story as well.

Devyn previously appeared on The Real World: Brooklyn and two seasons of The Challenge. She made it to the final in both seasons, Battle of the Seasons in 2012, and Free Agents in 2014.

devyn simone shares the challenge all stars billboard
Pic credit: @devynsimone/Instagram

Based on a previous comment from Devyn, she was asked to appear on The Challenge spinoff show but turned down the opportunity. Fans launched a petition for her to host the reunion when it comes time for that.

In addition to the billboard, Devyn also shared some recent video clips on her Instagram story, as she was hanging out with former The Real World castmate Chet Cannon.

Both of them could possibly appear on All Stars in a future season along with their castmate Sarah Rice.

Fans of the OGs would likely be all for it.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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