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The Challenge’s Josh Martinez reveals if he’d ever form an alliance with rival Devin Walker

the challenge double agents stars devin nany and josh at the crater
Double Agents stars Devin Walker, Nany Gonzalez, and Josh Martinez at The Crater. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge Season 36, aka Double Agents, was the first time Josh Martinez and Devin Walker appeared in the same season, bringing quite a dynamic.

Within just a few episodes, it was clear they were on opposing sides of the game and that Devin was campaigning to break up the Big Brother alliance. That even resulted in several emotional arguments and Josh shoving Devin.

However, the two competitors had a chance to squash their beef as well, due to recent circumstances from The Challenge. Josh recently spoke about that, and whether or not he could see himself forming an alliance with Devin.

Double Agents Episode 12 had double elimination

In Double Agents Episode 12, a Security Breach happened, and TJ informed everyone it was a double men’s elimination. Devin and his partner Gabby had already been voted in as Compromised Agents by the house. However, the team with the second-most votes, Josh and Nany Gonzalez, also got sent down to The Crater.

Since Chris “CT” Tamburello and Tula “Big T” Fazakerley were the Double Agents power team, they got to decide the elimination matchups. CT allowed Devin to choose his opponent, so Devin called out Darrell Taylor. CT then volunteered himself to go in against Josh.

It ended up being a similar elimination to what Kam Williams defeated Ashley Mitchell in. This time the competitors were jumping off podiums and swinging on harnesses to reach puzzle pieces. Once they’d collected all of the pieces, they had to drop to the ground and solve a puzzle.

Darrell and Devin’s matchup was closer, but Darrell solved the puzzle as Devin struggled. In the second matchup, Josh ended up having difficulties in the air with his harness. CT was able to solve the puzzle and win his Gold Skull.

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That meant both Devin and Josh were eliminated from Double Agents. Host TJ Lavin commented that maybe they could “get to know each other a little better” on their long flight home.

Josh comments on his situation with Devin

Josh Martinez was the guest on the Official Challenge Podcast hosted by Aneesa Ferreira and Tori Deal. During his time on the podcast, he spoke about what happened with him and Devin following their exit from the show.

“My initial reaction was like f*** I’m gonna be stuck with this guy the next few days,” Josh said of the irony of the double-elimination. He mentioned they stayed a few days in Iceland for interviews and had to stay at the same place.

“I think it was the best thing that happened for so many reasons,” Josh shared regarding him and Devin being around each other after elimination.

“I knew nothing about Devin going into the show, and when we got eliminated, they threw us in the same f***ing hotel apartment. I was downstairs, and I walk in, and I’m like, ‘This has to be a joke,’” Josh said, adding he even went to security to check.

“We literally just chopped it up, drank a few beers, and I got to see a side of Devin that I think a lot of people on the show don’t. And he has this character. He plays this role. He does his thing, but Devin’s actually a really f*****g cool guy, and I’m glad that I got to know him off of the show,” Josh said.

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During Double Agents, Josh’s emotional outbursts were in the spotlight in several episodes, as well as his loyalty to his Big Brother alliance and his friends, including teammate Nany Gonzalez.

During the podcast, Tori asked Josh if he’d ever consider forming an alliance with the guy he had a feud with on Double Agents.

“See that’s hard. I don’t know. Listen, in the future seasons, we don’t know what’s gonna happen,” Josh said.

“I can’t say no. He does know I’m very loyal to my people and he doesn’t really f**k with some of my people. That’s the hard thing,” Josh revealed.

He mentioned the upcoming Double Agents reunion to see how things might play out involving Devin and some of the other Big Brother people. However, Josh didn’t rule out a team-up as it could be part of a future season.

“In the game, it’s a whole different ballgame,” Josh added.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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