The Challenge’s Johnny Bananas fires back at fan who called out recent podcast guests and topics

johnny bananas face shot from cbs the challenge usa 2 spinoff
Johnny Bananas responded to a fan’s mention of his recent podcast guests and topics. Pic credit: CBS

As The Challenge: All Stars 4 episodes aired and the final officially wrapped up, seven-time winner Johnny Bananas featured several castmates from the show on his podcast.

All Stars 4 cast members Laurel Stucky, Kam Williams, and Leroy Garrett were among his recent guests.

Laurel won the show, and although Leroy participated in the final with her, he was an early elimination.

Kam didn’t reach the final, having lost during a pivotal elimination matchup against her castmate, Cara Maria Sorbello.

All three cast members had plenty of screen time and intersecting storylines during All Stars 4, which gave them lots to talk about.

However, a fan couldn’t help but point out that The Challenge star’s guests seemed to have a topic in common as they all discussed Cara Maria.

Bananas fires back after fan slams podcast guest and topics

In addition to appearing on The Challenge and his other gigs, Johnny Bananas hosts the Death, Taxes, and Bananas podcast on The Ringer at Spotify.

He mostly covers his longtime show, The Challenge, and its various spinoffs, including All Stars. The fourth season of the OG spinoff was his topic in recent weeks with various guests.

A fan took to X, formerly known as Twitter, and blasted Bananas’ last three podcast guests and the topics they spoke to Bananas about.

“So Cara’s whole life is #thechallenge but their whole life is talking about HER ON THE CHALLENGE #thechallengeallstars4,” the fan tweeted.

Bananas retweeted the initial comment and GIF and suggested to the fan that the topics he and his guests discussed made sense.

“You’re right. I should have refrained from asking them about their opinions on what ended up being the storyline of the season and the respective roles they played in it… We should have talked about Steve. Get the f**k outta here,” Bananas tweeted.

the challenge johnny bananas twitter screenshot from fan interaction
Pic credit: @johnnybananas/Twitter

Other fans of The Challenge reacted to Bananas’ comments

Bananas’ latest tweet brought plenty of feedback from other fans with varying opinions about what was said.

“I think the point she was making is that the Challenge to a certain extent is ALL of your lives. It’s what you do as part of your living,” one commenter replied.

Another told Bananas, “This wasn’t even a shot at you uncle Johnny ha.”

One commenter suggested “Cara living rent free in their heads” and is “getting the last laugh when it comes to Laurel and Nicole.”

screenshot from twitter as fans comment about johnny bananas podcast and cara maria
Pic credit: @johnnybananas/Twitter

Another commenter brought up that “Cara Stans act like she can do no wrong.”

“It’s definitely one of the more insufferable things about the fandom,” the commenter replied.

All three of Bananas’ podcast guests had stories that intersected with Cara during the All Stars 4 season. Cara and Kam became involved in a bitter feud, with Kam’s fiance Leroy also involved.

Laurel used some strategic gameplay, which some may have considered manipulative and shady, to turn much of the All Stars 4 cast against Cara.

The episodes heavily featured these individuals’ stories, and while Steve Meinke and others got screen time, it would make sense that Bananas focused on specific storylines.

Following the season’s airing on Paramount+, Cara said she was done with Laurel. It also appears that Kam and Cara aren’t amicable, but that could change moving forward.

As far as Cara Maria, she’s been a guest on Bananas’ podcast this year, so there’s probably not too much bad blood between the longtime castmates.

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14 days ago

It was the shadiest player of all time (Bananas) asking another shady player (Laurel) how it felt to screw over Cara. A feeling he knows. Remember gramps has screwed over pretty much everyone who ever worked with him. Not a Trustworthy one in sight.
A game is a game but can it come with some integrity? Where is Jordan when you need him? Glad he will be back fir season 40.