The Challenge’s Ace Amerson praises All Stars castmate Arissa Hill: ‘This Girl has Magic inside her’

the challenge all stars ace amerson
The Challenge’s Ace Amerson shared words about All Stars castmate Arissa Hill. Pic credit: Paramount+

When it comes to choosing the most good-hearted person on The Challenge: All Stars, Ace Amerson appears to be giving his vote in favor of castmate Arissa Hill.

Recent events on the show depicted her in a light that may have surprised some viewers, although there doesn’t seem to be any ill will from her towards castmates or the show.

In a recent Instagram post, The Challenge: All Stars’ Ace gave high praise for Arissa calling her “selfless” and indicating she has “Magic” inside her based on his encounters with her.

Be forewarned that some spoilers will follow for the All Stars spinoff series through Episode 4.

Ace praises Arissa in social media post

There have been four episodes of The Challenge: All Stars so far, with four eliminations taking place. In just the first episode, it was Ace Amerson finding himself as the majority vote to get sent into elimination. That was due to Laterrian Wallace asking his friend Syrus Yarbrough for Ace as an opponent, and the rest of the house gave him what he wanted.

However, Arissa Hill said she didn’t want to say Ace’s name at elimination because she could feel he was upset by it. He called his castmates “monsters” during the nomination meeting.

Nonetheless, Ace was voted in and ultimately eliminated by Laterrian, making his stay on All Stars, very short.

Just three episodes later, Arissa found herself in a similar situation, although she was more caught off guard. After Mark Long chose to use the Lifesaver to save his pal Katie Cooley from elimination, TJ Lavin informed the cast they had to vote for an opponent for Beth Stolarczyk.

It ended up being Arissa, and she wasn’t pleased about having to go in. She gave a tirade-filled speech to her castmates for blindsiding her and said they were all living in a toxic environment. Arissa indicated even if she won the elimination, she wouldn’t want to go back to that house. From there, she flipped off castmates and walked away.

After The Challenge: All Stars Episode 4 aired, Ace took to his Instagram to share a post about Arissa based on his time spent with her during the show’s filming.

“So during my short stay in the Challenge house in Argentina, I asked almost every person what they would do if they won the $500,000. I was honestly impressed with everyone’s answers but Arissa’s was by far the most Selfless. She spoke of only who she could help and never once mentioned anything for herself,” his post’s caption read.

“I have been around a lot of people in my life. But I swear this Girl has Magic inside of her like no one I have ever known before. She is going to do great things for this ? I’m so proud of her,” Ace shared in his Instagram post.

Arissa and Ace appeared in a previous Challenge season together

Arissa and Ace both originally debuted on The Real World, with Arissa part of the second Las Vegas season and Ace on the Paris season alongside Chris “CT” Tamburello.

Ace debuted on The Challenge: Inferno, which was the eighth season of the show in 2004. He ended up being eliminated in Episode 2, so his debut was a bit more successful than his return on All Stars.

Arissa made her debut on The Challenge with Battle of the Sexes 2 in 2004. Ace was also part of that season, but Arissa ended up going to the final. Meanwhile, Ace outdid his debut season and was eliminated in Episode 3.

It appears that Ace has a very positive opinion of Arissa based on the little time he spent with her during the filming of The Challenge: All Stars.

In a social media post, Arissa explained her situation a bit, saying viewers could not see the entire story based on how much footage is available. Hence, her elimination speech and exit were just a small part of her story. Ace’s positive words seem to give a strong endorsement of the powerful person Arissa Hill really is.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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