The Challenge: Zach Nichols names his dream partners, Jenna Compono reveals if she’ll return

jenna compono and zach nichols of the challenge
Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols answered fan questions about The Challenge. Pic credit: Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols/YouTube

While he hasn’t been on the show for a few seasons, The Challenge star Zach Nichols seems like he could easily return in the future and compete for another win if he chooses to.

He’s currently enjoying his life away from the MTV reality show with his brand new wife Jenna Compono Nichols, as they are expecting their first child later this year.

Recently, Zach and Jenna both answered some fan questions online in which they talked about The Challenge. That included Zach naming his favorite season and partners he’d love to compete with. Jenna also revealed if she thinks she might return to the show.

Who would Zach’s dream partners be for The Challenge?

Over his nine appearances, viewers have seen Zach teamed up with some interesting partners, including Amanda Garcia, Zahida Allen, and current All Stars cast member Jonna Manion. On War of the Worlds 2, he was part of a larger team with Team USA.

However, when a fan asked Zach about who his dream partners would be for The Challenge, his first choice was quite clear.

“My dream partner if I were to film another season of The Challenge would obviously be my wife, Jenna,” Zach said. While the two appeared on seasons together, they were never partners, which brought some difficulties.

“Or I would obviously like to see what Jordan [Wiseley] and I could do together,” he added, suggesting his War of the Worlds 2 castmate and winner would be a good pick.

zach nichols the challenge answers
Zach answers fans questions on Instagram Pic credit: @zachnichols15/Instagram Story

In a separate slide on his Instagram Story, someone asked Zach his favorite season of The Challenge. He was on nine of them in his career thus far and won in his first season, Battle of the Seasons in 2012.

However, Zach chose a different season of the competition series as his favorite he’s appeared on.

“My favorite Challenge that I’ve ever filmed was probably Vendettas, just because it kind of seemed like it came easy to me there,” he said.

Vendettas was Zach’s sixth appearance and the third time he reached a final on the show. There was only one winner for that season, Cara Maria Sorbello, and she claimed the grand prize of $500,000.

Zach’s last appearance was on War of the Worlds 2, where he again reached the final as part of Team USA. However, his squad took the loss to a stronger UK team featuring Rogan O’Connor, Jordan Wiseley, Dee Nguyen, and Chris “CT” Tamburello.

Jenna reveals if she’ll return to The Challenge

While Zach and his wife Jenna won’t be on The Challenge Season 37, it appears at least one of them isn’t ruling out an eventual return. Jenna answered a few questions on her Instagram Story as well, including one about coming back to do the show.

“Will you ever go on another Challlenge?” a fan asked on Jenna’s Instagram Story Q&A.

“If me and my family are in a good spot and the time is right I will be back,” Jenna revealed, giving hope that she may return before Season 40. That’s a contrast from what Zach mentioned in one of his answers as he said, “if I were to film another season.”

Jenn Compono answers fan questions
Jenna answers fan questions Pic credit: @jennacompono/Instagram Story

The last time fans saw Jenna Compono on The Challenge was Season 35, Total Madness. During that season, things got rocky in Jenna and Zach’s relationship due to Zach learning about some messages Jenna had been part of involving someone else. That upset Zach, who seemed ready to break up with Jenna.

It brought some stressful moments during the season as Jenna continued talking to Zach on video calls. At one point, she seemed ready to quit the game. However, she was able to win in one elimination against Tori Deal and stayed in the competition.

She’d eventually lose to Challenge veteran Aneesa Ferreira in Episode 9 of the season in the Bombs Out event and then headed home to try to work things out with Zach. The couple clearly got things smoothed out, as they were married last month in a mini-wedding ceremony and are expecting their first child later this year.

After appearing on eight seasons of the show and making it to the final in her first three seasons, Jenna seems like a competitor destined to win it all in the future, so hopefully, she’ll return one day.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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