The Challenge winner Sarah Rice comments on possible All Stars appearance

the challenge star sarah rice during rivals iii final
Viewers saw Sarah Rice in a shocking moment during The Challenge: Rivals III season. Pic credit: MTV

Sarah Rice from The Challenge is a cast member who will forever be part of one of the most shocking moments in the show’s history thanks to one competitor’s big decision during a final.

Sarah, who originally appeared on MTV’s The Real World: Brooklyn, went on to compete on multiple seasons of the reality competition series. However, viewers haven’t seen her since her appearance on the Rivals III season, probably due to the sting of what went down.

She recently addressed the possibility that viewers might see her return, not for a regular season of the show, but for the new spinoff series, The Challenge: All Stars on Paramount Plus.

Sarah jokes about The Challenge: All Stars

Sarah Rice has appeared on nine seasons of MTV’s The Challenge and reached the final five times. Her last two appearances on the show, Battle of the Exes and Rivals III, saw her winning the final, although the second was a rough one for her.

Since viewers last saw Sarah on The Challenge, she’s been hosting a podcast called Brain Candy Podcast alongside another former star from the show, Susie Meester. The duo talks about “what gets their wheels turning in the worlds of pop culture, literature, science, and psychology,” with topics ranging from “reality TV to quantum physics.”

Even with that going on, it seems highly likely that Sarah is probably receiving fan comments asking about her return to The Challenge. Some feel her best option might be an appearance on the All Stars spinoff.

She took to Twitter to comment on that very subject, retweeting a post with her comment, “If anyone asks if I’m doing The Challenge All-Stars.”

She retweeted someone else who shared a quote from Tamisha Iman, a contestant from RuPaul’s Drag Race.

“The only All Star that I’m interested in has scrambled eggs, cheese, grits, bacon — or sausage — on the side, and it comes with a waffle,” the original quote said.

sarah rice from the challenge tweets about all stars
Pic credit: @ImSarahRice/Twitter

That would seem to give Challenge fans an answer about Sarah’s interest in a return to the show in any form, at least for the moment. One of her Real World castmates, Devyn Simone, is still connected to the show as the host of Aftermath episodes for the regular season and All Stars.

However, Devyn has also indicated she’d rather stick to being a host over competing on the show anymore. She was on two seasons of The Challenge during her reality TV career and now works on getting all the details from episodes on the Aftermath show.

Sarah was involved in shocking Rivals III moment

The Challenge: All Stars features longtime competitors from MTV’s reality series who got their starts on the shows The Real World, Road Rules, and Fresh Meat. At 35 years old, Sarah has the experience and background for it but may have no interest after her previous appearance on MTV’s show.

Many longtime fans of The Challenge are quite familiar with one of the iconic moments in Challenge history. During the Rivals III season, Sarah was partnered with rival Johnny Bananas, someone she had previously backstabbed during another season.

The duo worked quite well together that season, ultimately reaching TJ Lavin’s final where they finished in first place. At the final, a major twist arrived where competitors’ individual times or scores were measured. The teammate with the better time or score could either keep all of the prize money for themself or split it with their partner.

For Sarah and Johnny, it was Bananas who ended up with that option. In a shocking moment, he announced he would keep all of the money for himself, leaving Sarah, nearby castmates, and viewers stunned. Later, Bananas revealed he felt Sarah would have done the same to him if she was the one with that option.

That particular moment probably stung Sarah quite a bit and made her less likely to want to return for The Challenge. However, All Stars has shown itself to provide a more fun atmosphere with mostly mutual respect amongst castmates for each other. Perhaps if the spinoff continues to run for many seasons, Sarah could eventually change her mind and compete with other OGs.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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