The Challenge: USA’s Tiffany Mitchell calls out castmate’s ‘shady’ comments, addresses Cinco Holland situation

tiffany mitchell during the challenge usa promo video
Tiffany Mitchell during a promotional video for The Challenge: USA. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

Former Big Brother star Tiffany Mitchell recently opened up about her time on The Challenge: USA, including an implied hookup with castmate Cinco Holland and other women wanting to get her out of the game.

During an appearance on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast, hosts Devyn Simone and Da’Vonne Rogers asked her about what went down to lead to her becoming an immediate target in the game.

Tiffany previously appeared on CBS’ Big Brother 23 and was a founder of The Cookout alliance. She was crowned a “mastermind” and won America’s Favorite Houseguest, making her a potential target on CBS’ new Challenge spinoff show.

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While on the podcast, Tiffany said she wanted to be “low key” while playing The Challenge: USA, adding she wanted to be smart but not have it used against her, but that didn’t work out.

Devyn brought up how it seemed during Episode 2 that the other women were “coming at her hard” and asked Tiffany what she thought was going on.

“It’s just been coming for me my whole life. If you’re good at something. If you’re a winner. If you’re a star. If you’re pretty. If you’re attractive. If men like you. If women like you. If you get money. If you drive a nice car. All of those things are me, and so it just makes other people intimidated,” she explained.

“I’m not out here flaunting my female assets, but you best believe I’m gonna use what I got to get what I want,” Tiffany added.

Tiffany Mitchell talks about situation with Cinco Holland

During The Challenge: USA, Episode 2, there was a focus on the former relationship between Love Island stars Cashay Proudfoot and Cinco Holland. The Algorithm randomizer forced the former couple to work together as teammates for the episode’s daily challenge.

During the episode, footage also showed Cinco and Tiffany seeming to flirt and Cashay potentially bothered by it. Other castmates, including Shantel Smith, also brought up Tiffany and Cinco.

A later scene had Cinco carrying Tiffany to her bunk bed, but that was all that was shown, as he seemed to exit the area, leaving her to sleep. However, Cashay had been nearby and saw it happening.

While on the podcast, Tiffany explained that her interactions with Cinco were them just “having fun,” and it was merely a “casual” thing to cure boredom while in The Challenge house.

Tiffany said she’d met Cinco before they went on the show, and he was a good friend. 

“Cinco is fine. Don’t get me wrong, but Cinco is my friend, and we have not crossed any lines,” she said, adding with regards to “swapping DNA” that “a lady never kisses and tells.”

After Devyn and Da’Vonne figured out that Cinco and Tiffany had kissed, they tried to get more details asking if it happened before they were on the show or during their time there.

“It wasn’t caught on camera,” Tiffany said, leaving that open for interpretation.

Tiffany addresses Shan’s comments and Love Island women

During Episode 2 of The Challenge spinoff show, Survivor star Shantel Smith was shown filling in her fellow Survivor allies about some of the other players, including Big Brother’s Alyssa Lopez and Tiffany Mitchell. A clip popped up on The Challenge Instagram and Twitter (below) with some of Shan’s comments, which Tiffany addressed on the podcast.

“We can call this thing a game. We can call these shows games, but we are actually our real selves, and this is real s**t. This is real life,” Tiffany said on the podcast, adding, “Outside of that game, we talk. We communicate. Outside of that game, I have friends, family, and a reputation. Outside of that game, I have a son that watches. So you know, when you’re supposed to be my so-called friend, you’re not supposed to throw my s**t out there for everybody else.”

“Maybe it’s because I’m an older woman. I don’t do that…I don’t talk about their business. I do understand that this is a game, but that was shady, Shan. That s**t was shady,” she said.

Tiffany went on to say that Shantel called her trying to clear things up about her comments on the show, saying Alyssa and Derek Xiao told her not to trust her. Tiffany also said Shantel claimed she told Alyssa and Derek she wasn’t going to be like that to her friend Tiffany, but as viewers saw in the episode, there wasn’t any footage showing that.

The story presented in The Challenge: USA, Episode 2, was that there were more than a few people interested in getting Tiffany Mitchell ousted from the game, including the Love Island women.

During the podcast interview, Tiffany said she didn’t have much connection with any of the Love Island women on the show and knew during Episode 2 that she wouldn’t be able to do much to sway them. However, looking back on things, she said that maybe she should’ve pleaded her case more to Justine Nidba, part of the daily challenge’s winning team with Tyson Apostol.

Ultimately, others convinced Tyson and Justine to send Tiffany and her teammate, Cashel Barnett, into elimination against The Amazing Race duo of Cayla Lee Platt and James Wallington. Cayla and James were victorious, sending the “mastermind” Tiffany and her teammate home early.

The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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She’s so worried about what her child will see and hear yet she acts like a complete slut on TV??? Yeah, right! ? I have never liked her. She thinks she is better than everyone else, while acting like total trash. ?