The Challenge: USA’s Desi Williams responds to fan asking why she dislikes Tiffany Mitchell

desi williams from the challenge usa
Desi Williams from The Challenge: USA spoke about her situation with Tiffany Mitchell. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

After The Challenge: USA, Episode 2 aired, Survivor star Desi Williams commented about her situation with castmate Tiffany Mitchell.

Tiffany, a cast member from Big Brother 23 who won America’s Favorite Houseguest, became a significant part of the story in the spinoff show’s second episode due to her flirtatious relationship with Cinco Holland, who was a friend of hers outside of the show.

Cinco, originally on Love Island, just so happened to be part of The Challenge: USA with one of his exes, Cashay Proudfoot. That made for some interesting scenes and interactions in the first few episodes.

It also may have led to Tiffany’s downfall, as Challenge: USA castmates were dishing on her situation with Cinco. Desi was amongst the cast members speaking about Tiffany’s relationship outside the game during Episode 2.

After the episode aired, many of the CBS spinoff’s cast members took to their social media to provide fans with more insight into what went down and their relationships with castmates off the show.

Desi addressed a few fan Q&As on her Instagram Story in which some questioned why she and other women on the show disliked Tiffany. While she seemed to have no issues with Tiffany, it may not be mutual based on Tiffany’s recent IG Story.

Desi responds to fan questions about Tiffany

Once The Challenge: USA, Episode 2, had finished airing on Wednesday, various cast members were answering fans’ burning questions on Instagram. Desi Williams responded to a few questions about what was going on with her and the other girls with Tiffany.

In one slide, a fan asked if other women in the compound were jealous of Tiffany. Desi replied that she didn’t have any problem with her, but on her slide, she wrote, “Strategic players are a threat, And so she was a threat.”

“To be clear, I have absolutely no issues with Tiffany,” Desi said in her IG Story clip. “She is obviously gorgeous. Like every day, I’d be like, ‘Ok, sis, take me to the Fountain of Youth because I need to be doing whatever you’re doing.’ But Tiff was playing, Ok?”

In another slide, a fan asked Desi, “Why don’t you like Tiffany?” and mentioned that it seemed Tiffany wanted to be her friend.

“Y’all, I do not dislike Tiffany. She is a phenomenal woman—an awesome entrepreneur. Like, sis is doing her thing. I’ve got no problems,” Desi said.

Tiffany called out Desi on her IG Story

In both of Desi’s replies to fan questions on her IG Story, she tagged her castmate, Tiffany Mitchell. That got the Big Brother star’s attention and had her calling out Desi for something she told their castmate, Cashay Proudfoot.

During her Instagram Story, Cashay Proudfoot spoke about her issues with Tiffany and the Cinco situation. Cashay said when she initially got into The Challenge compound, she felt that she and Tiffany were on good terms and had a friendship.

Cashay also said she spoke with Tiffany about her and Cinco. She said she told Tiffany she didn’t care what was going on between them and would ignore it as she didn’t want to be part of a love triangle on the show.

Based on Cashay’s comments, Tiffany initially seemed cool with her and even comforted her in an instance when she needed some emotional support during the filming.

However, Cashay mentioned in her IG Story that things changed. Cashay said that another castmate (possibly Desi) told her Tiffany suggested they could do things to Cashay to “mess with her mental.” That included wearing lingerie around Cinco.

A scene in Episode 2 featured Desi and Shantel Smith talking to their Survivor allies about Tiffany’s connections with many of The Challenge: USA people outside of the game. Part of Desi’s comments in the episode included her saying that Tiffany had “swapped DNA” with Cinco before they were on The Challenge: USA.

Based on Tiffany’s IG Story slide, she replied to Desi’s Instagram Story via direct message (below). In that message, she called Desi out for telling Cashay a lie about the lingerie and for changing her words about getting into Cashay’s head. In addition, Tiffany called out Desi’s “DNA” comment.

“The sad thing is I really did like you, even as a friend, and that didn’t have to be mutual. But instead of tagging me in these stories you could’ve reached out to me directly and maybe I would think this is genuine,” Tiffany’s message to Desi closed with.

Check out the full screenshot below showing off Tiffany’s DM to Desi about her Instagram Story.

tiffany mitchell ig story screenshot reply to desi williams
Pic credit: @absolutelygorgeous100/Instagram

Due to her power in the game and possibly her situations with castmates, Tiffany became the top target in Episode 2. Some of her castmates convinced the daily challenge winners, Tyson Apostol and his partner Justine Ndiba, to send Tiffany and her teammate Cashel Barnett into elimination.

Tiffany and Cashel were close to winning the elimination as they were neck-and-neck with opponents James Wallington and Cayla Lee Platt. However, they ultimately lost, ending their time on The Challenge: USA. Even after Tiffany’s early exit aired, there still seems to be some fallout going on outside of the show.

The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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