The Challenge: USA’s Cashay Proudfoot shares what her issues were with castmate Tiffany Mitchell

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Cashay Proudfoot said she initially thought she and Tiffany Mitchell were on friendly terms during the show. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

In the second episode of The Challenge: USA, things kicked up a notch when it came to the drama involving exes and castmates!

With the show featuring many former castmates from Big Brother, Love Island, Survivor, and Amazing Race, there were bound to be a few troubled relationships and challenging situations.

That included former Love Island couple Cinco Holland and Cashay Proudfoot on the show, and with Cinco’s friend, Big Brother “mastermind” Tiffany Mitchell, also there, things became even more interesting.

In Episode 2, viewers watched as there appeared to be a flirtatious situation going on between Tiffany and Cashay’s ex, Cinco. The way the footage was presented, Cashay wasn’t happy about it, and ultimately, Tiffany got sent into elimination.

However, Cashay said in comments after the episode aired that she had thought she and Tiffany were friends initially when they were on the show.

She also explained where things went south between them, revealing that Tiffany wanted to play “head games” with Cashay to “f**k with her mental” in The Challenge house.

Cashay said Tiffany seemed like a friend at first

Taking to her Instagram Story following The Challenge: USA, Episode 2, Cashay answered a fan’s question asking if she went after Tiffany because she was flirting with Cinco Holland. Based on Cashay’s response, it was more because of Tiffany pretending to be her friend and then trying to target her in the game by playing head games.

“The very first day I met Tiffany, I went up to her and said, ‘I’m so excited to meet you. Our fans said that we should meet each other.’ I was so excited we met. Everything was fine with us. We joked around with each other,” she explained.

Cashay said when she first walked into the compound for The Challenge: USA, she saw name tags on the area where they all put their stuff, and it had her name next to Tiffany and Cinco’s.

“I said, ‘Respectfully, if they’re about to have another triangle or try to produce another triangle on this show, I’m not having it,'” Cashay said.

She also said she spoke with Tiffany and told her she didn’t care what was going on between her and Cinco, adding she just wanted to keep her own experience separate from that.

Cashay goes on to say that her castmate Alyssa Lopez from Big Brother told her that Tiffany was telling other people there that Cashay was her “biggest target” in the game and she wanted to send her home.

“And then she also told another girl, ‘Let’s f**k with Cashay’s mental.’ So she tried to get another girl in on her plan. ‘Let’s wear lingerie around Cinco. Let’s do little things with Cinco to piss her off,'” Cashay shared.

She said the other girl told Tiffany, “No, I don’t want to be a part of it,” but Tiffany continued with her attempts at messing with Cashay’s mental, even wearing lingerie around Cinco.

Cashay explained her issues with Tiffany were due to “the below-the-belt stuff” and “pretending to be close” to her, including comforting her one day when Cashay was having a tough day and crying during filming.

Tiffany became the target in Episode 2

While Tiffany Mitchell may have been doing her best to manipulate the situation with Love Island stars, it ultimately didn’t work out in her favor. In Episode 2, she quickly became a target thanks to others convincing Tyson Apostol to throw her into elimination.

Early in the episode, the footage included Shantel Smith telling her Survivor allies how Tiffany and Cinco knew each other from before The Challenge: USA.

Later, there was a scene with Cashay talking to others about Tiffany trying to get the Love Island guys under her control for the game. Cashay also claimed that Tiffany didn’t like the Love Island women. There were also a few scenes involving Cinco and Tiffany together, one of which had Cinco carrying her to her bunk bed at night like a gentleman.

In another part of the episode, Alyssa Lopez was shown talking to her Big Brother friend Xavier Prather about putting a word in with Tyson Apostol, one-half of the winning team from the daily challenge, to consider sending Tiffany into elimination.

Ultimately, enough people seemed to convince Tyson and his teammate, Justine Ndiba, that the best move was to blindside Tiffany and her teammate Cashel Barnett. The duo ended up getting sent into elimination and ultimately lost to the team of James Wallington and Cayla Lee Platt at The Arena.

While all’s fair in love and The Challenge, there’s been a lot of fallout from what happened in the episode, including an exchange on Twitter between Shantel and Alyssa, Tiffany’s comments on the Official Challenge Podcast, and now Cashay’s IG Story remarks.

The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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