The Challenge: USA’s Alyssa Lopez shares thoughts on The Challenge vs. Big Brother

alyssa lopez in the challenge usa promo video
Big Brother star Alyssa Lopez appears in The Challenge: USA promotional video. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

Big Brother 23 is heavily represented for CBS’ The Challenge: USA spinoff, as there are multiple individuals from the recent season in the cast, possibly giving them an advantage.

Among them will be 25-year-old Alyssa Lopez, who played a solid social and political game during the BB season en route to surviving to Week 9 and becoming part of the jury. She’ll bring her skills into the competitive world of The Challenge, which features politicking, puzzles, and intense physical battles.

She recently answered fan questions regarding her Challenge experience, whether she’d compete on the show again, ever return to Big Brother again, and which reality show she prefers of the two.

Alyssa Lopez comments on her Challenge experience

While Big Brother involves being monitored in a house, playing games, and befriending or outwitting your fellow Houseguests, The Challenge will be a completely different experience for Alyssa Lopez.

However, when answering fan questions on her official Instagram page, she indicated it’s something she prefers over Big Brother and is excited to watch the episodes.

“I’m excited because it’s a totally different experience than being on Big Brother where you’re in there- you’re in the house while it’s being aired, and this time it’s already filmed, and now we get to watch it air with everyone else. So I’m excited. I’m nervous, but I’m excited,” she shared.

Alyssa plans to watch the premiere with an intimate gathering featuring close friends and family. So she’ll be skipping out on two of her castmates’ watch parties. Castmates Kyland Young and Azah Awasum, also from Big Brother, are hosting bigger watch party events as the premiere arrives.

Alyssa comments on returning for Big Brother or The Challenge

Sometimes cast members from the world of Big Brother get to return for subsequent seasons of the CBS show. For example, Challenge alum Da’Vonne Rogers appeared in three seasons and won America’s Favorite Houseguest in her most recent, BB 22.

Alyssa responded to a fan question asking if she’d ever go back on Big Brother, and she seems open to the idea.

“Either though the thought of Big Brother gives me extreme anxiety and I haven’t even finished my own season yet, I would do it again,” she said, adding, “I don’t think I’m gonna get called for that, but I’d do it again.”

In another slide on her Instagram Story (above), Alyssa was asked which of the two shows she prefers and said, “The Challenge > Big Brother.” With that reply, it’s also no surprise she said she’d return to compete on TJ Lavin’s show again if asked.

It’s unknown whether the cast members on The Challenge: USA will continue to return for future installments of that CBS spinoff, if they’ll bring in completely new casts, and if competitors from the spinoff could appear on MTV’s main show one day.

However, one has to think being on the spinoff will give competitors the preparation they need to face the battle-tested veteran Challengers on MTV’s flagship show.

The Challenge: USA premieres Wednesday, July 6 at 9:30/8:30c on CBS.

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