The Challenge: USA preview: TJ Lavin informs cast members how to qualify for his final

tj lavin appears in the challenge usa premiere episode
The Challenge: USA host TJ Lavin shares how to make it to his final. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

The Challenge: USA will bring stars from CBS’ popular reality shows to TJ Lavin’s playing field, as they’ll endure difficult daily challenges, eliminations, and ultimately, his final, for a shot at competitive glory and some major cash.

With the spinoff series set to premiere in early July, The Challenge and CBS unveiled a video clip featuring the first minutes of the premiere episode, with the cast getting to meet TJ and learning a bit about the upcoming game.

The host reveals the season’s format, which will differ slightly from what fans of The Challenge have seen during recent seasons of MTV’s main show, and Paramount Plus’ All Stars spinoff seasons.

TJ Lavin greets CBS reality stars for Challenge spinoff

BMX star TJ Lavin is now synonymous with MTV’s The Challenge, having hosted the reality competition series for many years. It was only a matter of time before the show expanded into spinoffs, which now include The Challenge: All Stars on Paramount Plus and the first season of The Challenge: USA.

A video showing the first three minutes of Episode 1 of the CBS spinoff features Big Brother, Love Island, Survivor, and Amazing Race stars assembled in a room as they talk amongst themselves. Anticipation builds as a door opens and someone’s shadow appears on the wall.

Soon after, TJ steps into the room, and the cast members explode with excitement. The recognizable host introduces himself and then talks about how all the people there are good at “playing games.” He brings up how some had to travel around the globe, others were watched by Big Brother 24/7, and others survived on an island.

He even says some there may have found love and had their hearts broken. From there, a confessional featuring Cashay Proudfoot pops up as she gives “the tea” about her situation with Love Island co-star and ex, Cinco Holland.

TJ explains how to qualify for the final

During the first three minutes of footage, TJ also reveals how cast members can become eligible to run in his final for The Challenge: USA. He says he’s gifting each cast member some seed money to begin the show. Everyone will get $1,000 in their personal bank accounts.

The goal is to have $5,000 to qualify for the final. The only two ways to obtain additional money are to win daily challenges or eliminations, giving competitors a good indication of what they’ll need to do if they want to win that big money at the end.

The winners of the show will split $500,000 in prize money. Not only that, but they’ll move on to a bigger stage with The Challenge: War of the Worlds. TJ explains it’s a special global tournament where they’ll compete against finalists from other shows.

War of the Worlds will be streaming on Paramount Plus, which also showcases TJ’s other spinoff, The Challenge: All Stars.

Once TJ’s finished explaining things, he tells the new cast members it’s time to catch up or get to know one another. However, he reveals he’ll be seeing them real soon, and longtime fans know that means their first daily challenge is on the way.

Check out who’s in The Challenge: USA cast, including former Survivor winner Tyson Apostol, Big Brother 23 winner Xavier Prather, and Love Island’s Shannon St. Clair.

The Challenge: USA premieres Wednesday, July 6, at 9:30/8:30c on CBS.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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