The Challenge: USA’s Alyssa Lopez fires back at Shan Smith for being ‘salty,’ bashing other women

alyssa lopez during the challenge usa
Alyssa Lopez responded to comments made by Shan Smith, her castmate on The Challenge: USA. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

Alyssa Lopez has responded to comments that Shan Smith, her castmate on The Challenge: USA, made following her exit from the spinoff show.

Shan, who got eliminated in Episode 4 with teammate Xavier Prather, had some not-so-nice things to say about her castmates, mostly Alyssa and Angela Rummans.

Alyssa participated in CBS’ Challenge spinoff after appearing on Big Brother 23, along with Xavier, whom she became friends with during the game.

Xavier ended up winning that season, and along the way, his Cookout alliance used Alyssa and other castmates as pawns in their strategy to make it to the end. That brought some backstabbing moves in BB 23 that didn’t sit well with Alyssa or other castmates.

That set the stage for Alyssa and BB 23 castmate Derek Xiao to plot their revenge during The Challenge: USA, looking for an opportunity to get Xavier out of the game.

Their opportunity came in Episode 4, when Alyssa and her teammate, BB 23’s Kyland Young, won the daily challenge and then sent Xavier and his partner Shan into elimination, which they ultimately lost.

Alyssa fires back at Shan’s comments

On Friday, Alyssa Lopez was on Twitter to respond to some since-deleted tweets from Shan Smith, including calling out Shan for being “salty” and choosing to “bash other women’s intelligence and looks.”

“Imagine being so salty about getting eliminated from a competition show that you chose to use your exit interviews to bash other women’s intelligence and looks. I can’t relate. I’d explain my thought process during my exit interviews, but I don’t have any scheduled this early,” Alyssa tweeted.

In addition to Shan’s tweets, there was a podcast interview she did after Episode 4 where she mentioned how not many women got along with Angela during The Challenge: USA. She also said it was hard to understand what Angela was thinking or saying.

alyssa lopez responds to shan smith tweets about her
Pic credit: @lysslopezz/Twitter

“You really can’t tell what Angela’s thinking or saying…I think it must be the fillers and the Botox. I don’t know. I really think that it just must’ve- her face it’s just it doesn’t move,” Shan said during her podcast comments, also calling her “coldhearted.”

In another tweet, Alyssa taunted Shan a bit more, suggesting that Shan reactivated her Twitter to post messages about her.

alyssa lopez fires back at shan smith tweets
Pic credit: @lysslopezz/Twitter

Shan said she isn’t friends with Alyssa or Kyland

Following The Challenge: USA, Episode 4, Xavier Prather and Shan Smith appeared in several exit interviews on YouTube. During one such interview, they were asked about their friendships or situations with Alyssa and Kyland after the spinoff filming had ended.

Xavier mentioned in his comments that he’s decided he will treat his castmates less like friends in the future and more like co-workers. Shan said she was not interested in friendships with Kyland or Alyssa.

She said she didn’t like what she saw from Kyland on Big Brother, including his conversation with Xavier before getting evicted from the house. Shan indicated she even let Kyland know she didn’t want to be his friend.

Shan said she believes Alyssa is “always playing Big Brother” and has “a lot of issues she’s gotta work through in her life.”

“In the short time that I’ve gotten to know her, I just didn’t enjoy her as a person,” Shan said about Alyssa, adding, “So there’s no friendship for me for those two moving forward.”

Should any combination of the above castmates pop up in CBS or MTV’s The Challenge shows in the future, it could certainly make for some intriguing interactions and drama!

The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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