The Challenge: USA’s Shan Smith blasts castmates in since-deleted messages, calls BB star ‘racist Klanswoman’

shan smith during the challenge usa episode 4
Shantel “Shan” Smith during The Challenge: USA, Episode 4. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

The drama is heating up with The Challenge: USA following the events of the spinoff show’s fourth episode, as castmates are speaking out about one another.

As with the first three episodes, viewers saw another pair of teammates get eliminated by the end of Episode 4, and the aftermath on social media has been messy.

Viewers saw Survivor’s Shantel “Shan” Smith and Big Brother 23 winner Xavier Prather got sent into elimination as a revenge plot by several of Xavier’s scorned BB castmates who had been “backstabbed” by him.

Ultimately, Shan and Xavier lost to Justine Ndiba and David Alexander in the elimination event, ending Shan and X’s time on the spinoff show.

Following the results, Shan took to Twitter to share several messages in which she blasted two particular castmates involved in the elimination decision.

They were Alyssa Lopez and Angela Rummans, who were seen conversing during the episode about the possibility of getting rid of Shan and X.

Shan blasts Alyssa and Angela after Episode 4

After The Challenge: USA, Episode 4 aired, Xavier Prather and Shantel Smith were featured in several exit interviews. That included one interview where they spoke about whether they have friendships with certain castmates after the spinoff show.

Based on Shan’s comments and recent tweets, she is not on friendly terms with Angela or Alyssa. In a series of since-deleted tweets, she called out Alyssa for her friendship with Xavier and how she went for revenge against him on The Challenge: USA.

“Imagine being so thirsty for attention that you endure an entire casting process to seek revenge against a cultural movement that you gave lip service to,” Shan wrote in a tweet, tagging Alyssa Lopez.

“Imagine going from being best friends with X and the Cookout to being best friends with Mrs. ‘I’m so ghetto because my skin is looking more tanned,'” Shan said in another tweet aimed at Alyssa.

A Challenge superfan account, @thechallengeshaderoom, captured the tweets on Instagram (below). A second slide in the IG post shows another tweet in which Shan went after Angela in addition to Alyssa.

“Angela may be a racist Klanswoman with no feeling in her face but at least she’s smart and thinks things through… let’s see how far your ‘big move’ gets you. @alyssalopez,” Shan tweeted.

Angela Rummans was part of the Big Brother 20 cast, which also featured Tyler Crispen, to whom she is now engaged. Monsters and Critics previously reported about Angela defending Tyler over the drama that went down with other castmates during their BB 20 season.

Shan’s tweets about Alyssa and Angela arrived on Friday afternoon, a few days after The Challenge: USA, Episode 4 aired on CBS. As of Friday evening, her account was no longer showing as active on Twitter, so the tweets were gone.

Shan was featured in recent Survivor season

Shan wasn’t part of Big Brother with Angela Rummans or Alyssa Lopez, as she’s from the world of Survivor, participating in 2021’s Season 41, which took place in Mamanuca Islands, Fiji. The 35-year-old Canadian lasted until Day 19 and finished in eleventh place.

However, she was involved in getting several castmates ousted from the game before her exit. She did that by teaming up with Ricard Foyé to mastermind their eliminations.

Ultimately Shan’s top ally in the game was also responsible for eliminating her from Survivor 41, which she spoke about in 2021 with Entertainment Weekly.

On The Challenge: USA, she was part of what looked to be another strong Survivor alliance, consisting of former winners and other cast members.

However, Shan was also considered someone that may have had a target on her back. Since her Survivor season had just recently aired, it may have left some of her new castmates seeing her as someone they might not be able to trust.

Even with an early exit from The Challenge: USA, she seems fully capable of returning to The Challenge in the future. Shan will likely be looking for her own revenge if Angela, Alyssa, or Kyland are also there.

The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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