The Challenge: USA, Episode 4 recap: Who won and went home in latest elimination results?

cinco holland during the challenge usa episode 4
Cinco Holland during The Challenge: USA, Episode 4 daily challenge. Pic credit: Paramount+

As The Challenge: USA, Episode 4 opened, it was time to create new teams, with the Algorithm randomly assigning partners.

Some new pairings included Kyra Green with Danny McCray, Xavier Prather with Shantel Smith, Cinco Holland with Shannon St. Clair, and Domenick Abbate with Angela Rummans.

Big Brother foes Kyland Young and Alyssa Lopez were teammates. Other teammates included Calya Platt with Tyson Apostol and Sarah Lacina with Derek Xiao.

The Love Island women gathered at the house to look at the board with everyone’s names and see who might pose a threat.

Alyssa and Derek had a conversation about trying to get rid of Shantel and Xavier. Derek was nervous about which players to trust or not.

Shan spoke with her new teammate Xavier about being strong partners for one another at this point due to the shows they were connected with. In a confessional, Xavier said he felt he’d moved past the backstabbing that happened on Big Brother 23, which he won.

The Challenge: USA stars play TJ’s favorite game, trivia

The name of the daily challenge was Falling Off the Knowledge. The pairs were in harnesses with bungee cords up on a ledge. Each round had three other teams in the heat.

TJ asked them a series of trivia questions with multiple answers. If someone answered incorrectly, a trap door opened under them, and they dropped.

Each winning team went to the winners’ round. The losing team of each heat would go into the losers’ round. The overall winners would get $5,000 each and automatically qualify for TJ’s final. The team that lost the losers’ round was going straight to elimination.

The first heat was Cinco with Shannon St. Clair, Danny with Kyra, Xavier with Shantel, and Domenick with Angela. Danny and Kyra were the first to give a wrong answer, so they got dropped. Xavier and Shan fell next, followed by Cinco and Shannon, so Dom and Angela won the round.

In the second round, it was Derek and Sarah who fell first. Kyland and Alyssa advanced to the winners’ round. Round 3 featured David Alexander and Justine Ndiba falling first. The winners were Ben Driebergen and Azah Awasum.

The losers’ round featured Sarah with Derek, Danny with Kyra, and David with Justine. TJ asked them to name an NHL team that had won the Stanley Cup Championship. The first team to fall was David with Justine, automatically putting them into elimination.

For the winner’s round, it was Dom and Angela against the team of Ben with Azah and Kyland with Alyssa. It came down to having to name zodiac signs. The winning team was Kyland and Alyssa. It was Kyland’s second win pushing him to $12,000. The win was Alyssa’s first, so she also qualified for the final with $6,000 in her bank account.

The winning team of Kyland and Alyssa met with Xavier to talk about possibly sending him in as revenge for what happened on Big Brother. He laughed it off.

Alyssa and Kyland also met with the losing team of Justine and David. Justine said she didn’t want to face her Love Island allies Cinco and Shannon, so she’d be OK if they went against Xavier and Shan.

Lastly, Kyland and Alyssa spoke with Angela to see what she thought about putting in Shan and Xavier. She was on board but suggested they make it seem like it’s to get rid of Shan as one of the Survivor alliance members.

Who went home in Episode 4 elimination?

At The Arena, the losing team of Justine and David joined TJ on the ground level. Derek tried to shake his head at Alyssa because he could see the elimination was a puzzle, something Xavier excels at.

However, Alyssa and Kyland still sent in Shan and X. Shan said in her confessional that they were using her as a scapegoat for their Big Brother issues with Xavier.

The teams competed in an event called Smash In Puzzle Out, featuring two giant steel tunnels. Each tunnel had parts sectioned off by panes of glass. Competitors had to break through the panes and grab pieces to bring to their puzzle boards.

The glass panes were color-coded by player. If a competitor accidentally smashed through their teammates’ color-coded pane, it was a five-second penalty. The first team to get all their pieces and correctly solve the puzzle would win.

competitors battle in the challenge usa episode 4 elimination
Competitors battle in The Challenge: USA, Episode 4 elimination event called Smash In Puzzle Out. Pic credit: Paramount+

Xavier broke all of his team’s panes, which got them a 50-second penalty. David and Justine only had a 10-second delay, giving them a headstart.

Xavier and Shan eventually got TJ’s OK to start on their puzzle, and things looked close throughout. Alyssa and Kyland were getting nervous watching the event. However, David and Justine finished their puzzle, and TJ blew the air horn, giving them the win.

After the loss, Shan didn’t have the best things to say about Alyssa in her confessional. In his confessional, Xavier called the other people from Big Brother some names and reminded everyone he’s still rich and they’re all “stupid.”

With the win, David and Justine split all of X and Shan’s bank money, which made David eligible to run in TJ’s final along with Justine, Tyson, Kyland, Alyssa, and Angela.

The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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