The Challenge: USA spoilers: Episode 4 sneak peek reveals teams competing in TJ’s trivia

the challenge usa host tj lavin trivia
The Challenge: USA host TJ Lavin grills competitors with trivia questions in Episode 4. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube

When it comes to fan-favorite events on The Challenge, it’s hard to top TJ Lavin’s trivia, as it’s known to bring some hilarious moments featuring the longtime host.

Viewers have seen recent editions of trivia in The Challenge: All Stars spinoff, with competitors getting dropped or flung back into the water if they answer questions incorrectly.

It looks like The Challenge: USA will continue with the tradition, as competitors try not to be the first to fall in their heat during a trivia challenge in Episode 4.

A sneak peek reveals several teams competing in TJ’s latest daily challenge, and one of them is heading towards the dreaded loser’s round.

Based on the video, one castmate also looks somewhat fearful as they see the fate of the team that answered a question wrong.

However, the main objective is to win the event, as whichever squad picks up that win will be qualified for The Challenge: USA final.

TJ Lavin’s trivia returns for The Challenge: USA

On July 27, The Challenge: USA, Episode 4 airs and will feature trivia as the latest daily challenge. The Algorithm creates new teams at the start of the episode, and several of those teams are revealed in a new sneak peek.

Based on the video released on @thechallenge Instagram, the first round of the daily challenge has four teams competing. Love Island stars Cinco Holland and Shannon St. Clair will be teaming up. So will Survivor’s Danny McCray and Love Island’s Kyra Green.

A third team has Survivor’s Domenick Abbate and Big Brother’s Angela Rummans, while a fourth features Big Brother 23 winner Xavier Prather and Survivor’s Shantel Smith.

As fans of The Challenge have seen before, trivia features host TJ Lavin asking questions related to Challenge history or general trivia. Since most of the CBS spinoff stars are new to The Challenge, this will feature general questions with multiple answers, allowing teams to keep giving answers until one is wrong.

In the preview footage, the teams have to give the names of countries where Spanish is the official language. They’re able to keep going for a bit until Danny gives Brazil for an answer. That results in him and Kyra getting dropped through the platform they’re standing on and falling straight down on their bungee cords.

“My wife Kiki, I love you. If I die, everything’s yours. You can take it. Buy whatever you want,” Danny says in the clip.

Viewers also see Cinco Holland’s reaction to seeing Danny and Kyra quickly disappear from the platform next to him, and he’s looking quite concerned as the teams move on to their next question.

Based on the clip, who will prevail in the latest challenge is unknown. However, one thing is clear from the footage: TJ Lavin is the one enjoying this game of trivia the most, much like any other time he’s hosting the game on MTV or Paramount Plus’ Challenge shows.

Who is qualified for TJ Lavin’s final?

As viewers saw in The Challenge: USA’s premiere episode, competitors need at least $5,000 in their personal bank accounts to be eligible for TJ Lavin’s final. Heading into Episode 4, only four of The Challenge: USA players have qualified.

It started with Survivor’s Tyson Apostol and Big Brother’s Angela Rummans, who won the first daily challenge of the season, Down to Do the Math, immediately making them eligible for the final.

In Episode 2, Tyson picked up another daily challenge win, this time alongside Justine Ndiba in the Yeah Buoy event. The third episode saw Angela get her second win of the season, as she teamed up with fellow Big Brother star Kyland Young to win Hang On Man.

With that, there are still other spots up for grabs in TJ Lavin’s final, and competitors will be hungry to earn the cash needed to get there. There’s only one other way to qualify: winning in an elimination, something players generally look to avoid on The Challenge.

The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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